need advice

  millie3778 00:13 11 Oct 2005

I have a intel celeron D 3.06ghz with 128mb ram is this a better specification than a pentium 3 as I am looking to do a home study course and it says you need a 733mhz pentium 3 processor or better? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I didn't want to sign up without maing sure first.

  Tim1964 00:20 11 Oct 2005

The processor you have is aprox 4x faster then the required spec. whooooosh!

On a related note, your PC would really benefit from more RAM. I'm guessing you're running XP, so at least 512Mb for starters.

  Forum Editor 00:23 11 Oct 2005

You have a machine that easily beats the specifications given, so don't worry. I also agree with Tim1964's comment about RAM - you don't have enough, and should increase it to 512Mb or even more.

  Jak_1 00:24 11 Oct 2005

That should be adequate for most things, certainly it will run all but the most memory intensive programs ie videographics proggies. Is it a pc or a laptop? Would suggest that 512MB RAM would be better, for a pc that would be a reasonably easy and cheap upgrade.

A few more specs and the sort of programs you wish to use would help us to give clearer advice.

  millie3778 00:30 11 Oct 2005

thank you for the advice, it is a desktop pc I will get the ram updated. I am not sure what software this course gives on the cd they just give you miniumum pc specifications I really appreciated your responses thank you again.

  martjc 10:07 11 Oct 2005

...Once you have enough memory, the course materials disk will run on your machine. The3se things are usually well tested by those who set up such courses - they realise that not everyone knows, or needs to know all the intimate details of how the machine works. Normally their min spec is quite low anyway, so the average machine is not greatly tested.

Lots of luck with the course!

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