NEC ND-1300A DVD+-RW problems

  y_not 14:10 05 Jun 2003

I have just fitted the above drive and(after a few problems) managed to get my writing software to at least see that its there.

I use NTI CD-Maker 6 for writing and, while the tech support is reasonable, it still takes a few days for a reply. They have supplied the file "cdrw32.bdb" and instructions on how to install this, however, the option is still not there to write to DVD.

In desperation I have borrowed a copy of Nero (which I don't like and is only there long enough to try and solve the puzzle) but even this fails to recognise the drive as being a DVD writer.

Can anyone advise, please?

System - Epox mainboard, Duron 1200, 756Mb RAM, 160Gb+ HDD, Sony DVD ROM, NEC DVD Writer.

Studio 8 edits/encodes as MPEG2 files.

Previously I've used all the above except for an HP CD writer and output to SVCD without a problem.

  -pops- 14:21 05 Jun 2003

This drive is new and is only recently recognised by Nero. It is especially important with DVD writers that the writing software knows about what it is writng to.

I don't know anything about the NTI product you are using but I do know that the latest Nero updates support this drive - I know because I have one. I can burn all of the claimed types of disk using this drive and the latest Nero - I did it yesterday as a trial.


  -pops- 19:13 05 Jun 2003

Was that any help?

  y_not 19:27 05 Jun 2003

I was busy beating the machine to death!

I removed the "borrowed copy of Nero and downloaded the 30 trial version (which is newer). At last I have a programme that can see and recognise the DVD writer so not I can move onto the next problem.

At this point I must say thanks for your patience with me.

I have tried to write MPEG2 files (previously used for recording onto SVCD) and Nero says they are not compliant. I chose to ignore and wrote to an -RW disc but this won't play on my stand-alone DVD player (I think because its a re-writable disc.

I went to check the help files but it seems that Nero don't supply them with the download.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


  -pops- 19:33 05 Jun 2003

Doenload the Nero manual - much better than the help files.

click here and scroll down the page to Manual.


  y_not 22:12 05 Jun 2003

Thanks very much for the information.

I've spent the evening with a (knowledgable) friend and he has made clear that authoring DVD's is not as simple as writing SVCD's.

He has offered to spend a few hours teaching me the intricacies of DVD authoring which, hopefully, will answer all my questions - maybe one day I'll be able to help someone else in here but I think thats a long way off!

Thank you again for your help and advice - your recommendation of the writer will, I'm sure, prove to be a good choice (just needs the idiot driving it to get himself sorted out!).

  tinkers 13:44 18 Jul 2003

I too have recently purchased the above product and it came with Pinnacle CD/DVD V7.

It will copy onto DVD RW, however will not play on my other PC DVD drive or my DVD player.

What am I doing wrong?

Is it a Hardware/Firmware/Software problem?

  -pops- 14:25 18 Jul 2003

See my reply to your other post.


  The Sack 15:20 18 Jul 2003

<quote>I've spent the evening with a (knowledgable) friend and he has made clear that authoring DVD's is not as simple as writing SVCD's.</quote>

It is easier ????????

  The Sack 15:20 18 Jul 2003

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