NEC Multisync LCD 1880sx monitor on xp pro new

  frankie 22:15 30 Sep 2004

NEC Multisync LCD 1880sx monitor on xp pro new it is only giving me 60 hertz on 1024 x 768 seems to give me eye strain have nvidia geforce fx 5700le 256mb td graphic card surely should be better have updated all inc nvidia latest driver ...driver on show is any ideas or or these lcd,s different to the crt,s and take getting used to,cos i,m about to stick it on ebay and go back to me old one.

  frankie 22:18 30 Sep 2004

the dvi cable to dvi on card does not seem to make it any better

  Djohn 22:22 30 Sep 2004

Change the resolution to 1280x1024 if it's a 17" or 18" panel and the sharpness of display will astound you.

  Night Ryder 22:23 30 Sep 2004

Can be quite tricky sometimes finding the correct setting for these monitors. If you have installed all the latest drivers for everything including the monitor driver, right click on the desk top, select properties, settings and advanced. Instead of clicking on the graphics adaptor, click on monitor and see if there is an option to change the refresh rate.

  frankie 22:31 30 Sep 2004

done that none the wiser do you think these monitor ie lcd have lower refresh rates microsoft done a update for it too no better seems on first view cut down on 90%of desk space but for a lot of money

  Djohn 23:02 30 Sep 2004

You won't notice any difference between 60 Htz and 75Htz on a TFT display. 60Htz is fine. The most important thing with a TFT is to run it at the correct native resolution, anything lower and the display will suffer, quite a bit in some instances.

  Djohn 23:04 30 Sep 2004

Power AC 110/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )

Device Type Flat panel display / TFT active matrix

Diagonal Size 19"

Viewable Size 19"

Max Resolution 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz

  JonnyTub 23:47 30 Sep 2004

Change your resoltion to the display's native one which as Djohn say's is 1280 x 1024.

  frankie 23:57 30 Sep 2004

onit but so tiny this dodgy eyed git can only just see it cheers anyway

  Djohn 00:51 01 Oct 2004

Yes, the higher the resolution the smaller the text/graphics but they will be sharp and clear.

This is one of the very few problems of a TFT display, move away from the native resolution and it will deteriorate, more so in some models than others.

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