NEC DVD_RW ND 2510A low burning speed

  cagey 12:50 08 May 2005

I am using a NEC DVD_RW 2510A and the latest Nero software. When attempting to burn audio Cds at anything over 4 times speed, I only make coasters. It is rated at 32 times for burning CD-R, I have tried different makes of media without success and have cleaned the lens with cleaning disk. Any ideas please??

  €dstowe 13:48 08 May 2005

I've never had much success burning CDs with a DVD burner.

OK, it can be done but I've found, like you are doing, that the maximum burning speed is nothing like that which you gen get with a dedicated CD burner.

I don't burn many CDs now but when I do, I always use a dedicated 52x burner at 32x speed. I very rarely have any failures nd I find that 32x burning speed is quite fast enough.

  cagey 14:36 08 May 2005

You may well be right. Before I installed my DVD burner I had a TEAC CD burner which was superb, I foolishly installed in my grandson's computer. Do you think a CD/DVD combo would be just good as a standalone CD burner.

  pj123 14:40 08 May 2005

Although this is no help, sorry. The latest Nero (which I have) is not that that should make any difference with your problem. I have made many CDs with my LG DVD burner and haven't come up against that problem, although if I try to burn an Audio CD faster than 12x it does seem to become a coaster, so I usually stay at 12 or below.

  Confab 15:25 08 May 2005

I have the NEC 3520A and it would produce coasters with certain DVD RW's. (Not quite the same as your problem I know). I updated the drives firmware from NEC's website click here and now it works a treat. I think the latest firmware for your burner is version 2.18. To check your firmware version use NERO Toolkit.


  Mr Mistoffelees 17:07 08 May 2005

I have an NEC ND2500A and have also, like Confab, updated the firmware. Since doing so it works just as it should with dvdr/rw and cdr/rw.

  cagey 11:22 09 May 2005

Tried to follow Confab's advice, but when I ran the Info Tool from Nero Toolkit, the computer shuts down and restarts after the heading "Retrieving Hardware Info". I removed IDE cable from the Mobo. in case the DVD Rw was causing the problem but same result. Any help please.

  cagey 13:35 09 May 2005


  keith-236785 14:55 09 May 2005

you could try a uninstall, reboot & re-install of nero to see if that helps, i have the NEC ND2500A and dont seem to have a problem with coasters, i have just burnt an iso image (linux live cd) to a cdrw at 10x (options were 10x or 4x) without problem.

I also have a cdrw so use that mainly for burning cd's.

i have not updated the firmware as i am a great believer in "if it aint broke, dont fix it".

good luck

  keith-236785 14:57 09 May 2005

should have added that the cdrw disc i used was a 4-12x, so 10x was gonna be the fastest option.

  cagey 15:26 09 May 2005

I have uninstalled Nero from my computer and downloaded the Info Tool from the Web and got same results, ie computer reboots itself after the heading "retieving Hardware Info" making it look as if it's a hardware problem. further suggestions pleeeeeeeeeeease.

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