NEC 2500

  ski2004 20:44 12 May 2004

I have a nec 2500 dvd writer and i can only get it to read disks, so far i can not get it to write any kind of cd for me??? Do i need drivers, if so where can i get them from and how do i install them. I did not get an install disk with this item as i bought it 2nd hand off ebay!!!! if i dont need any drivers how do i configure it to write cds?? I have windows xp.

  DJ-Garry 20:48 12 May 2004

It should read and write with out loading any special drivers. The OEM drives come with no disks anyway. What software are you using to try and write to the disks and what blank disks are you using?

  ski2004 20:59 12 May 2004

I`m using nero burn to write, the software tells me it has written the disk succesfully but the drive doesnt spin when the software says "writing". i`m using datasafe 80min cd-r 52x silver premium. i appriciate you helping me. John

  DJ-Garry 22:18 12 May 2004

Does the green disk activity light on the front of the drive come on 1. when you first put a blank disk in, and 2. when it's supposed to be writing to the disk? What speed is the program set to write to the disk at?

  ski2004 22:22 12 May 2004

Ive just tried somthing else, i can write to a disk if i drag and drop into the drive folder, but i still cant write to one using nero, ive told nero what drive to use but it still aint giving me any joy!!! Help!!!!

  ensonricky 22:39 12 May 2004

of nero are you using? The 2500 is quite a new drive yo may just have to update nero to the latest version

  Pillo 00:22 13 May 2004

Sounds to me like it's using InCD if you're dragging and dropping to copy stuff. This means your discs have been specially formatted for InCD which means Nero won't be able to use them like ordinary blank discs.

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