NEC 1300A DVD + - RW problems

  tinkers 13:48 18 Jul 2003

NEC ND-1300A DVD +-RW problems
I too have recently purchased the above product and it came with Pinnacle CD/DVD V7.
It will copy onto DVD RW, however will not play on my other PC DVD drive or my DVD player.

What am I doing wrong?

Is it a Hardware/Firmware/Software problem?


AMD Athlon 2.6, 1gb RAM XP home.

  -pops- 14:21 18 Jul 2003

How old are your other DVD reading devices?

DVD RW is a fairly recent innovation and if you are trying to read the disks on a system that pre-dates this technology, that is a possible reason for your problem.


  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 14:55 18 Jul 2003

The drives are very recent - this year in fact.

So I don't think it's a compatability thing.

  crx1600 15:00 18 Jul 2003

satisfy yourself as to whether or not it is compatability, click here and check which formats your player supports.

you dont mention which format you have tried (+,- or both), RW discs will be more fussy than R discs too.

  The Sack 15:12 18 Jul 2003

The DVD must be burnt as a DVD-ROM for it to work.

There are many freeware alternatives that work better, try them.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 18:51 18 Jul 2003

To CRX1600

Thanks for the compatability link, yes the players are compatable and it was DVD+RW that is not being read on the other players.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 19:08 18 Jul 2003

Oh and the media being used was Packard Bell DVD+RW. If that helps, perhaps I should try something else.

Any suggestions?

  crx1600 19:09 18 Jul 2003

what are you working on?

copying a videoDVD, creating a videoDVD, an mp3 disc, photo's, as there are different procedures for each, so it may help to say.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 19:19 18 Jul 2003


I'm trying to copy a video DVD, it works on the NEC player, but nothing else.

  crx1600 19:49 18 Jul 2003

1, id use R (write-once) for better compatability and they're cheaper.

2, id use a program dedicated to do the job (there's plenty out there).

have you tried a disc with just a few mp3's on, and see if the other drives recognise it, if they dont then it is the media/format to blame, if they can read it, then its your copying/burning process.

  Why-Did-I-Fiddle? 22:29 18 Jul 2003

Im using pinnacle instant cd/dvd

It copies cd's without any problems, but I'll try the DVD-R discs and see if that helps.

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