(Nearly) dead PC.

  Jim 15:57 09 Oct 2005

On power up of my PC, the fans etc start up, the green light appears on the tower case. But when it seems to be trying to boot up, the orange light (hard drive) lights up briefly. A short electronic error sound is emitted and then nothing else. At the same time as the hard drive light appearing the monitor standby light temporarily turns green, but reverts to orange. I have checked the voltages from the PSU and they are 5v on red and 12v on yellow. Machine is a Athlon 1900+ XP, 1Gb ram, 73Gb HD, nVIDIA MX200 graphics. I suspect the HD may be duff, but was expecting the BIOS(?) to boot up first.

  AndySD 16:02 09 Oct 2005

How many beeps?

It can be caused dy a loose componant also, take out and refit the Graphics card and the Ram and try again.

Also try it with just one stick of ram....then try it with another by itself, faulty ram can stop the boot process.

If its a grinding noise then dont do this the Drive is damaged.

  Jim 16:17 09 Oct 2005

I took the graphics card out and checked the socket was clean and refitted it. The computer makes the same noise without any peripherals attached (a two-tone, one second 'beepgrrr') when started. I have tried removing one ram stick as you suggested, but the problem is the same.

  woodchip 16:38 09 Oct 2005

Dead PSU

  AndySD 16:45 09 Oct 2005

If you know the make/model of the motherboard or can remember the bios type click here

  Jim 16:45 09 Oct 2005

Thanks Woodchip. Why do you suspect the PSU?

  woodchip 16:50 09 Oct 2005

As that's how thay go.

  woodchip 16:51 09 Oct 2005

A good indication is if you would normally get a beep and now get none

  Terry Brown 16:53 09 Oct 2005

Does your Monitor run from the computer power Unit (PSU)?, and this may be causing a drain on your system at boot up.

If so, try booting up with the monitor turned off, if this works, either get a new PSU or run your monitor from a seperate power supply

  Jim 17:04 09 Oct 2005

Terry, The monitor has a seperate 240v supply, but I disconnected the monitor, scanner, printer etc and I still got the same noise from the tower case.
Thanks Andy, Woodchip and Terry. I will try a new PSU first and then come back on if this doesn't work.

  AndySD 17:08 09 Oct 2005


When you turn it in is the fan on the processor spining?

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