NC10 Netbook and Wi-Fi disconnect

  NC10 User 10:55 19 Apr 2009

I have a Samsung NC10 Netbook running Windows XP which connects by Wi-Fi trouble-free to my Orange livebox router. The problem comes when the netbook goes into 'standby' mode, for example, when I close the screen. After a few minutes the Wi-Fi connection drops out and nothing short of re-booting the netbook will induce it to reconnect to the Livebox or anything else. I've tried the 'Repair' option in the dop-down menu. In fact, none of the drop-down menu options - including 'show available networks' functions once the Wi-Fi has crashed. I've also gone into Device Manager and altered the power-save setting for the Wi-Fi device from normal to off but none of these have solved the problem.

Anyone had a similar problem or knows a solution?

Thanks for reading

  davey emcee 17:51 19 Apr 2009

Hi, My nc10 wifi connection "closes down" when computer goes into standby. On waking from standby though it starts searching for signals. Is you connection icon not indicating a search?

  davey emcee 17:53 19 Apr 2009

Sorry that should read "Is your connection icon not indicating a search?

  NC10 User 21:07 20 Apr 2009


No, the Wi-Fi icon just shows a red cross and doesn't respond to any of the drop down menu commands. Re-boot is the only solution at the moment.

  davey emcee 21:45 20 Apr 2009

Does the blue wifi led (3rd from right) come on when you wake up nc10. Sometimes mine won't re-connect if I'm in a bad position relative to router (even though it was ok before going into standby). Try putting nc10 close to router just eliminate that.

  NC10 User 18:14 21 Apr 2009


Yes, the Wi-Fi does come on when the NC10 wakes up but it has a red cross alongside it. When it's working I get a 'excellent' signal stregth throughout the house so I don't think signal strength is the problem.

  davey emcee 23:59 21 Apr 2009

Have look here, you might have more luck:-
click here

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