NAVMAN iCN 520 Speed Cameras poi

  8648 12:28 27 Dec 2005

Can anybody suggest a link where I can download the free speed cameras for my 520. The instruction book says that this can be done free but does not give a link. Thanks.

  BH34 12:59 27 Dec 2005
  8648 13:08 27 Dec 2005

Thanks BH34 but I have already been on that particular site. I think I must be a bit "thick" because I can't find any link to speed cameras. Can you enlighten me. Ta

  sunny staines 13:20 27 Dec 2005

click here
this is well known and updated each month.still a free site for now.

  LivEviL 13:41 27 Dec 2005

click here you have to sign up but its free! it has all shops ect aswell!
click here

click here this is also a good site

  LivEviL 13:43 27 Dec 2005

sorry that first link was wrong
click here here ya go

  8648 14:08 27 Dec 2005

Thanks everybody but I really do not an idiots guide link for this. I go to the links you have suggested but don't then know what to do! Am I sad or what!!!?
Sorrrrrrrrrry!! any further help appreciated.

  8648 14:09 27 Dec 2005

whoops - I mean I really do need (not "not") an idiots guide ................

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:36 27 Dec 2005

click here instructions for NAvman half way down page

  spuds 16:32 27 Dec 2005

Regarding speed cameras, I noticed in the newspapers the other day, that organizations like the RAC are asking the government to have a very close look into them and the way the administrators are conducting their business.In fact I understand that a request as been placed, for the tempory suspension of speed camera usage, until the problem as been corrected.

A recent case, was a motorcyclists who was doing something like 18 miles per hour, and was issued with the usual legal paperwork for a speeding offence. It was only after he requested the cameras photographs, which took him seven months to obtain, that a serious discrepancy was found. Apparently a coach going past the motorcyclists was the speeding vehicle, and this had triggered the camera. The person responsible for checking the photographic evidence had not made the appropriate checks.Appears that many hundreds of people have been penalised through other vehicles speeding past them at the same time. The manufacturer of this particular camera set-up, agrees that there can be errors. The advice being given, if you consider that you have done no wrong, then request or demand photographic evidence. The authorities should provide two photo copies with a time lag span difference, and this should provide actual evidence as to the speed you were traveling.

  g0nvs 17:12 27 Dec 2005

Well worth knowing, thanks.

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