nagsman 14:14 26 Sep 2005

I am making a list of results and as the page is quite long I would like to make a link from the top of the page to a section about half way down, I can do top of page link's with a name="top"> /a>
a CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration:none" href="#top">Top of Page /a>
br> but can not get it to work the other way round. I am using Front Page 2000 any help would be much appreciated. Stephen

  PurplePenny 18:54 26 Sep 2005

I'm not familiar with FP so I can't tell you how to do it with that but it must be a similar process to that of inserting the name anchor and the link that takes you back to the top. You will need to give the section a name then the replace "top" and "#top" in the code that you have quoted with the name that you have chosen for that section.

  nagsman 21:43 26 Sep 2005

Sorry but I tryed that and couldn't get it to work

  PurplePenny 21:51 26 Sep 2005

I don't understand why it wouldn't work. Post the code here and maybe we can spot what is wrong.

  nagsman 13:18 27 Sep 2005

It was a simple case of me not addapting the code properly, when I changed it to <a name="Sheepsection"></a> <a CLASS="nav" STYLE="text-decoration:none" href="#Sheepsection">Sheep Section</a> it worked perfectly. thanks for your help Stephen

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