NAV & Firewall/Outlook XP

  Gorillaz 15:49 29 Jan 2003

Slowly but surely working through the installation of software on a new laptop and I have a problem integrating Outlook XP with Norton AV and Firewall 2003. In the privacy section of Firewall I have include my email address, when I send emails they are blocked by the Firewall as they include my email address. I have tried to amend the rule in privacy section but the two radio buttons are greyed out so I have uninstalled.
When I have the hang up when finished with a manual send/received button in Outlook /tools/mail setup ticked NAV will not process outgoing emails, the solution on the NAV website is to disable the hang up when finished button. I have twice sent emails and forget to disconnect, there must be a better way?
As normal any help very much appreciated.

  Gorillaz 16:42 29 Jan 2003

Problem with NAV not processing mail resolved, in NAV under options/internet/email/what to scan I have unticked the scan outgoing emails for viruses, problem sloved. Seems crazy that a useful tool likes this make Outlook not so efficient, if anyone knows a workaround let me know.

  Gorillaz 20:23 29 Jan 2003

Both problems now solved, last one was down to human error.

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