National Virgin Broadband - Speed boost???

  Happy37 11:39 06 Jan 2009

Hello everyone

I would be very interested to see other peoples' comments about what I am about to mention here:-

I received a letter from Virgin Media last week in my name dated January 2009 stating something about Virgin Media National Broadband getting a “boost”???

Anyone else had this letter, and what are they referring to? - is it to do with exchanged being LLU'd, yet I don't think that I will get a boost as I'm on a fixed speed package as opposed to a Max one. (unless someone else confirms otherwise please)

Anyone know where I can find more details online, please?

To carry on quoting this letter, it goes on to say:-

“We need to make a quick upgrade to your Virgin Media National Broadband service.” Apparently this will happen in the early hours of the morning, or vey late at night. The customer will be informed via email nearer the time of this upgrade. Once this is complete, the customer will need to turn off the modem/router and then turn it on again to experience the improvements. The letter also states “the upgrade will not change the way you account works, the price you pay or any of the other services that you get from us. Just enjoy it!!!”

All replies welcome - thanks for your help.


  ol blueeyes 14:31 06 Jan 2009

Very interesting . I'm on a fixed speed with Virgin but had no such letter perhaps it is being done in areas. I'm in the South West of England. However I have notice that usually when I download anything it is at a speed some 20-25% faster than I'm paying Virgin for.
Also I was pleased to see that they have reduced our payments inline with the New VAT rate. (I was quite Surprised).

  woodchip 14:34 06 Jan 2009

I got that when I was with NTLworld now Virgin when I was on fixed 512kb they upgraded it to 1mb at no cost

  Happy37 14:44 06 Jan 2009


When did this happen? - might have been a while ago, though...what I am talking about is very recent?


  woodchip 14:55 06 Jan 2009

Some may be about three to four years back

  baldydave 18:38 06 Jan 2009

I had the letter last week,must be something to do with exchange upgrades with newer virgin kit.I dont think it will affect me as i am on the 1mb fixed price plan,unless i get a free upgrade!
My location is worcester.

  woodchip 18:45 06 Jan 2009

Sorry about the Speed I was on 1mb and they upped it to 2mb not long before Virgin took over

  Happy37 08:00 07 Jan 2009

baldydave and others

I think you're right..I have been hearing that this indeed is something to do with exchange upgrades, yet, like you've said, I don't think that this will affect me either as I am also on the fixed 1Mb price plan, paying £14.99 a month.

Unless VM do upgrade my package for free, then I don't think anything will come off this so called “boost”, however, I have sent an email to VM this morning to ask them to clarify exactly what all of this entails, and whether I will benefit in any way at all from this upgrade.

I will keep you all posted (hopefully I'll receive a reply from them)


  laurie53 08:17 07 Jan 2009

There's another thread on this

click here

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