Nat Problem (Moderate) -Xbox 360

  zarjazz 13:18 17 Apr 2009

After moving my router(BTVOYAGER2500V), Ive had to change how I connect to Xbox Live. Im connecting my Xbox to my Macbook via ethernet and its sharing my internet connection. The Xbox connects to live without a problem but Im unable to join games because my NAT is Moderate. I have port fowarded:
I have found these ports by just searching through Google for ages and they all say the same thing:
Open ports 3074,88.

I have done DMZ,UPNP and all that but still Moderate comes up.

Any Ideas?

  Tech Guy 22:07 17 Apr 2009

80 (HTTP) and 53 (DNS) should not need opening, as they are by default by most home routers.

port 88 (Kerberos), do you use this encryption method?

Clear/reset your router and goto click here

to open the ports required for your games. Just click on the games and it will show you what to do.

Should not need to use DMZ or UPNP (very unsecure)

  zarjazz 19:34 18 Apr 2009

I dont use the encryption.
I dont use DMZ or UPNP, I just enabled them and disabled them to see if it would work.
Ive tried nearly everything they say on different forums but nothing seems to be working. I know the Internet Sharing method isnt the best but for now thats the only way I can connect to live.

  Mike1963 11:46 28 Sep 2009

I have the same, wondered if it was down to the line, you start getting desperate after a while and try anything, Microsoft not very helpful really.

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