Nasty trojan - Winweb Security - help!

  Gaghalfrunt 17:15 10 Dec 2008

Has anyone heard of this one before?

It's fake internet security and has slowed down the system huge amounts. There's loads of pop-ups and I guess it's probably tracking key strokes too.

I think it must be relatively new. How it came to get onto my system is a mystery as it must have got through Norton Internet Security, Spybot and Ad-Aware.

I have found a fair amount of software that scans and finds it but none that can get it off my system (without a hevty fee)


  rdave13 17:18 10 Dec 2008

Malware bytes is a goog one; click here

Superantispyware another; click here

  Gaghalfrunt 17:22 10 Dec 2008

Many thanks for getting back so quick

I have tried Malware bytes and it identifies the problme but won't get rid of it without a fee.

Will definately try Superantispy

thanks again

  rdave13 17:24 10 Dec 2008

Malwarebytes will remove it by the free version. You must update it manually and run the scan manually; click here

  Gaghalfrunt 17:26 10 Dec 2008

will try this.
currently running superantispyware as we speak
many thanks

  sreen 19:28 10 Dec 2008

I tried both malwarebytes and superantispyware, but none of them worked, still winweb annoy's me.

Please I have tried the bleepingcomputer link also..

Just so annoyed with this spyware stuff...

  rdave13 19:41 10 Dec 2008

I'd go for running malwarebytes and SAS in safemode (without internet connection). Tap F8, or F5 on some PCs, on bootup and choose the boot mode.

  User-1229748 03:18 11 Dec 2008

seems people have got rid of this nasty manually but the process is a different number on each machine,i would not go this way just yet until someone with more knowledge than myself thinks it's the way to go.scroll down to see how it was removedclick here

  Gaghalfrunt 09:04 16 Dec 2008

Good news I managed to finally get rid of WinWeb Security using Superantispy Pro whilst in Safe Mode and the internet connection off. Having done this I've used Ashampoo WinOptimizer (from last December's Cover disk) to clean up and tweak the hard drive.
Many thanks to PCAdvisor and all who contributed

  FreMar 16:06 19 Dec 2008

I was infected by this pest today, and read these postings. May thanks to rdave13 for the info on how to get rid of it, as it was driving me nuts with the continuous popups etc. The trial version of Malwarebytes did the trick, and I may now purchase the full program, as I have free AVG antivirus, which seems to have let it through. These rogue programs are nothing more than a protection racket in the way that they try to get you to buy them.

  rdave13 19:29 19 Dec 2008

AVG is a virus remover. MBAM is specifically for the removal of trojans and other malware (same as SAS). There's no need to buy malwarebytes' antimalware just manually update before scanning. If you think the program is worth it for real time scanning then certainly buy it. I bought SAS.
You'll still have to have an Antivirus program, though, and if you're happy with AVG then you'll need to keep it.

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