Nasty problem 2 Freezes on boot

  Stowit 16:52 27 Jan 2004

I've being trying (failing) to sort a neighbours Pc. The brief history being - 1 new hard drive - 2 formated - 3 Windows 98 SE installed (a load of problems, various drivers & stuff installed. back to step 2) - 3 Windows installed. - 4 correct drivers for motherboard installed. System now has no conficts in device manager & once booted runs fine...... On power on it freezes on the 98 logo, press ctrl, Post screen apears stating verifying DMI pool data.. It freezes again Alt Ctrl Del brings up a warning message 'Mouse not found' bla bla Ps2 mouse plug in etc. Its then completely unresposive & you have to power off. Apart from running scan disk it then boots ok, until the next time. I've tried Msconfig & removed stuff from startup to no avail. It happened once Windows was installed, even before motherboard Drivers. I've also found in Bios under PnP configuration - Reset configuration data, if enabled it will boot, but this setting reverts to disabled every boot without setting it every time. Apparantly the 'mouse not found' has been an irregular feature of the Pc since new. I've tried different mice to no avail. Help!!

  hugh-265156 17:07 27 Jan 2004

maybe its a bad ps2 port?

is the ps2 port enabled in the bios device set up menu or similar? try enabling set up defaults and save and exit.

can you boot in safe mode?

click here click here

  Stowit 17:31 27 Jan 2004

Thanks Huggy, but there's no mention of mouse drivers, just 'mouse not found' I reset the bios after installing WINDOWS. What do you mean bad Ps2 port? why if the port was faulty would it always follow the sequence I've described, yet intermitantly also be faulty? The mouse can remain untouched yet remain unfound then be found ok?

  Greenfingers 18:23 27 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem with a logitec mouse at work and solved the problem by installing a serial mouse (borrow one if necessary).
You never know it might just work!

  hugh-265156 18:28 27 Jan 2004

sorry Greenfingers just guessing.

also found click here

  Stowit 18:57 27 Jan 2004

The mouse issue may be the cause, but Windows freeze on boot is the main issue as yet.

  Greenfingers 18:58 27 Jan 2004

click here
It is possible that if a new disk has been installed the cache may not be written to at closedown.I had a problem of a computer stopping at DMI which I cured by installing a patch from the above.
Some systems close down to fast and do not allow for the disk cache-write to be completed and sometimes,but not always,prompts scan disk to run at startup.
Good luck

  Stowit 10:21 28 Jan 2004

I've a feeling it's hardware related as it's frozen whilst booting from a floppy once. I'll try a serial mouse first. Thanks all, I've just read the articles linked & is the mouse swap does nothing then I think its time to shop for spares )-:

  Stowit 13:23 28 Jan 2004

Time will tell but a serial mouse seems to have stopped the boot up freeze!! I'd swapped mice, no avail- must be the ps2 port.Thanks again, new motherboard in order or stick with the old type mouse I think.

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