Nasties in Regedit.

  mahalo 20:20 09 May 2005

I have reason to look through Regedit, and found rather a lot of nasty items in the Internet Settings/Domains. These are all ******.coms of an awfull sort, to me anyway. Being a "silver surfer" I do not look at this type of sites. How did they get there ?. I have deleted them twice but they turn up again. How can I stop this ?
Thank you.

  Graham ® 20:27 09 May 2005

They will be part of antivirus/spyware programs. It's a list of what they're looking for.

  Jak_1 20:43 09 May 2005

Yep they are there for that reason, with the best will in the world it's difficult to avoid those sites. They come at you when you least expect it, mis-named links etc and popups. They will go to all sorts of lengths to promote those sites and lots of them carry other nasties like trojans.

  john-232317 21:30 09 May 2005

If you run Spybot you will see a list of weird sites flashing past, it is only the program checking to see if these sites have downloaded themselves to your PC, they are nothing to worry about as previously stated ;-)

  DJ Supreme 21:50 09 May 2005

And min most other cases, they may also hijack your internet explorer, screw with your start up page, and are a right pain to get rid of

  William-173411 22:01 09 May 2005

if you download a good spyware, or adware scanner, it will tell you what files are creating the ads. You can delete them in the registry, but as soon as you start up again they will comeback because there is a file your failing to delete, that begins in the start up process, and reloads the adware. Probably located in the WINDOWS/SYSTEM/FILE. The scanner should show you the processes running at startup,and where it is located , it will be here that you will find the process that is reloading the adware. Once you find that process and delete it, and clean the registry, the pop ups will dissapear.There also some good spyware blockers out there and today it pays to run one if your resources will allow it.

  mahalo 15:33 10 May 2005

Thanks all, I have AVG, Ad-aware,Spybot and Spyblaster, I run them once a week as well as scandick and defrag, I call it my weekly service !. Is there anything else I can do that is not too difficult?. Cheers, ps how do I clean the registry ?.

  961 15:46 10 May 2005

Clean the registry by using (free)Regseeker from

Don't forget to back up the registry before deleting anything. The programme can be done to do that for you

  gudgulf 15:57 10 May 2005

You use SpywareBlaster....The registry entries are the "killbots" used by SpywareBlaster to fool any of those nasties into thinking that they are already installed.

Try this....check that all protection is enabled in delete the registry entries and check SpywareBlaster again.You should find that you now have a lot of things that are not protected against.Re-enable them and your registry entries will be back!You can also compare the list in your registry with the list of sites protected against in SpywareBlaster's control panel.

Note that if you use the "immunise" function of Spybot S&D this does the same thing.In short there is nothing to worry about and nothing that needs getting rid of.What you are seeing is merely a list of all the things that you are being protected against by your antispyware programs.

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