NAS HELP! TS-209 Compatible Drives?

  primemeat64 01:40 08 Oct 2007


I'm going to purchase a QNAP TS-209 PRO - unless anybody thinks that's a bad move? - anyway, I want to cram in as much RAID-1 goodness as I can thus I would like to include 2 x 1TB Hitachi Deskstar drives...

The current manual availble on the QNAP website doesn't list the hitachi drives as compatible, and I cannot find a newer list on their website....

Any ideas????



  primemeat64 15:50 08 Oct 2007


  DieSse 16:13 08 Oct 2007

"unless anybody thinks that's a bad move?"

How can we possibly know - depends entirely on what you want to do with it I guess.

"....doesn't list the hitachi drives as compatible"

Try asking QNAP - no-one here (anywhere?) will have tried that combination.

  primemeat64 16:17 08 Oct 2007

"unless anybody thinks that's a bad move?"

- really that was just because there's not a lot of user response on this product so I didn't know if anybody had some 'avoid at all costs' advice...

"Try asking QNAP - no-one here (anywhere?) will have tried that combination."

- I emailed QNAP - no response. Why would nobody have tried that combination? I would have thought it quite an obvious combination if anything... the 1TB deskstar is a very popular drive - it's not like I mentioned some nondescript iomega drive or whatever...



  DieSse 16:24 08 Oct 2007

"Why would nobody have tried that combination?"

Because it's not in the recommended list

Because not many people have NAS systems, especially at that price. And I think the majority of members here are probably home users.

  primemeat64 16:28 08 Oct 2007

I thought it was a fairly obvious choice for the features / storage space / redundancy.

well - hopefully someone will have! otherwise I've gotta either lose 250 gig to get what's on the list or take a risk!

btw - there is a compatibility list in the manual but the manual also referrs to a compatibility list on the site - I can't find it though....



  DieSse 16:44 08 Oct 2007

Compatibility list on the site click here

It does list Deskstar 1TB drives as compatible - sorry didn't actually look at the list before, just gave a general comment.

  primemeat64 16:49 08 Oct 2007

thanks for finding that! where did they hide the link??????

PC advisor saves the day again.


  DieSse 16:58 08 Oct 2007

"where did they hide the link??????"

Home Page - Products - T209Pro - Compatibility tab


  primemeat64 17:01 08 Oct 2007

? - I still can't see it! - I know this doesn't really matter but I'm not dyslexic or anything so this is really screwing with me!

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