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  PC Advice Sir 13:32 04 Aug 2004

I recently signed up for Napster's 7 day trial, downloaded and installed. Shortly afterwards I was unable to access the music previews, and eventually unable to log in even after several attempts, being prompted that my account details had changed - please try again.
After continuing problems I did a system restore removing Napster completely, and subsequently receiving an email welcoming me to Napster lite. (the non subscription version I believe).
I phoned my bank before the 7 days had elapsed to block any debit to Napster but none on my account details. Tuesday 3 August I have a debit of £9.95 to Napster out of my account, and my bank advise that they cannot block any transaction in this name as Napster have my card details.
But if I was unable to log in to use the service within the 7 day trial, I was also unable to terminate it either.
I have sent Napster an email, but they are a bit sparse on contact details, and even worse, suppose they do not respond favourably to requests for a refund or a termination of the subscription?
I will update here, but any advice in anticipation of the worst would be greatly received. (And serve as a warning to other prospective victims of the same).


  CurlyWhirly 00:35 05 Aug 2004

It sounds like a con to me!
I was going to join but after reading your post I don't think I will bother now!
Just as well as they seem a bit expensive anyway at £1.09 a song!

  PC Advice Sir 19:30 05 Aug 2004

Its now been 2 days since I appealed to Napster to contact me regarding the matter without any reply. I have sent them another via their hyperlink for support from their email to me, as below:

"I signed up for your 7 day trial but I was unable to log in within only a few hours of signing up, yet my bank has been debited £9.95 to Napster.

Please contact me as a matter of urgency to resolve this. (2nd request)"

The prompt from the submission of my request on their support page is confirmed as having been received by them, and I will be contacted ASAP.

I will update as time passes with any response or non response from Napster. (Lets just see how good they REALLY are) ;-)


  CurlyWhirly 23:19 05 Aug 2004

PC Advice Sir

Like I said before I find them too expensive as they only have to provide the music with no overheads like the cost of the actual CD or packaging, etc.
Why don't you explain what has happened and just cancel the direct debit?
That's what I would do!
I hope things work out for you.

  CurlyWhirly 23:21 05 Aug 2004

PC Advice Sir

p.s. As you are trying to warn other people I am surprised that no one else has responded apart from me!

  PC Advice Sir 23:00 06 Aug 2004

Me too CW - Its still enlightening to read, though some may not respond little buddy, hmmm speaking response, Napster have responded with the following:
"Hi PC Advice Sir,

Thanks for contacting Napster Support.

We apologise for the issues you experienced when using Napster. You were charged £9.95 for Premium membership after the 7 day trial ended. Did you at any point attempt to cancel your 7 day trial?

We apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing. There are several restrictions that may cause log-in refusal by Napster."

.....Blah blah - lots of stuff that is too much to dump in here.

I've sent the following reply:

"Yes I did, but I was unable to log in to do so.

Please respond to my original request URGENTLY to terminate this membership and refund this amount, that I may commence a successful account with confirmation of an address to contact you in writing.

The details of this problem are being retained and monitored for submission to the public domain pending intense consumer interest.

Thank you for your reply.

Yours sincerely PCA"

  jonnytub 23:03 06 Aug 2004

napster is very devious in their sign up method, be this a warning to all napster first time users, by agreeing to install napster and giving your credit card details, etc, you have also agreed that after a 7 day cooling off period, or in other words if you don't cancel within 7 days you start paying the subscription fee. I'm often annoyed by this as it is not often made clear by companies such as these, in my opinion gas and electric companies who knock on your door are the worst!!!!!!!!1

  CurlyWhirly 23:09 06 Aug 2004

PC Advice Sir & Jonnytub

I never sign up to ANYTHING where I have to give my credit card details up front only for example when I am buying something over the web and even then ONLY if it is a secure website!

  jonnytub 23:12 06 Aug 2004

APOLOGIES CURLYWHIRLY, hadn't read the thread properly. :-)

  PC Advice Sir 23:30 06 Aug 2004

Thanks for your response guys - It may cost me a tenner, but without a timely response from these potential suckers, it will cost them alot more in lost custom than being respectful to their subscribers, and although inconvenient, I shall make the relevant changes preventing further draws from my account.

"Money might buy a good dog - but not the wag of its tail"


  PC Advice Sir 19:07 09 Aug 2004

I have received a favourable reply from Napster as follows, but I still need to keep you posted thereafter:

Thanks for contacting Napster Support.

As you requested, your Napster subscription service has been cancelled. At the end of this billing period, Napster will convert to Napster Light you will no longer have access to the subscription service features.
You may reinstate your subscription service for up to six months after cancellation. If you sign up again within six months, you will regain access to all your existing downloads.
As you may know, canceling your subscription service does not prevent you from using Napster Light to browse for and purchase music.

When responding on this issue, please reply with email history or copy the entire body of this email and paste it into your reply to ensure that all information is retained. Not providing the email history could delay our response time.

Thanks for using Napster!
John B.
The Napster team

My reply to that:

Dear Napster

Thank you for your reply confirming termination of membership.

Would you be good enough to confirm the issue of refunding the £9.95 debited from my account, as I was unable to use the service that I had subscribed for.

Yours sincerely

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