123pete 22:12 25 May 2005

how legal and how safe is napster.

  Forum Editor 00:42 26 May 2005

and so is using a P2P file-sharing system.


If you download a copyright-protected file from someone else's computer you are committing an illegal act (and so is the person who offers it for download). It's argued that in those circumstances the company which operates the P2P servers (Napster for instance) is also committing an illegal act because they are technically distributing or facilitating the distribution of copyright-protected material without the consent of the copyright owner.

As for being safe - I think it's no exaggeration to say that downloading files over the Internet from a total stranger is about the most dangerous thing you can do with your computer - you're just asking for trouble, and trouble will oblige you.

  Dchar23 10:14 26 May 2005

Napster is 100% legal these days. You have to pay to download and the Record Companies get there royalties. so everyones happy.

Some of the othere ones arent though and you can get some nasty stuff piggybacking in with the mp3.

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