Nanny's NTL Broadband

  kinger 16:23 17 Jun 2005

I've been asked to help with my mother in law's broadband set up from NTL.

She is 70 years old and wants it to be a surprise for my son who visits her often.

Nanny says that the NTL helpline was very confusing and she couldn't understand their accents so "could I help".

Firstly, I noticed that she was running windows 98 so checked postings on this forum to see if it could be run on this system and, indeed it can.

Using the NTL installation disk I managed to get right up to 'confirming your details and terms & conditions agreement' when, suddenly it stated 'Error while confirming your agreement' even though all details were correct.

I couldn't 'go back' as you only have the option of exiting if an error occurs which seemed odd.

Anyway it said 'Closing down'.

Now, each time I load the installation CD it goes straight to 'Closing down' message without attempting to start the wizard again. I can't close the program without Ctl Alt Del each time.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where the installation file is that it is obviously reading so that I can do a fresh install without error messages.

Many thanks.

  djwheeler 17:45 17 Jun 2005

Could try click here to see if anyone can help there or (and it pains me to say this) you could try their Tech Support. I vaguely remember getting stuck during the installation and the tech support sorted it quite quickly (think I must have been lucky considering the things I have heard about their support).

  keith-236785 18:49 17 Jun 2005

firstly, is this connecting via the usb port or a Lan port?

reason i ask is that connection via a lan port needs no setting up at all as long as all the correct drivers are installed for the lan card, usb is a different issue, and i found it to be a real pain.

try the add remove in control panel to check if you could uninstall it.

or if you are up to delving into the registry, you could try searching the registry for NTL and delete all keys/values/references to ntl.

i have been on xp for some time now and cant remember the setup of ntl except i NEVER used to install the "correct connect (think its called medic now) as this always said i had a problem with the connection when i hadnt.

when setting up via a lan card, i had to throttle the card down to half duplex (device manager,network cards, right click on the card and pick properties, then near the top is a drop down setting Full duplex, Half duplex or Auto (as i say, its a long time ago so forgive me if i have missed something.

but the lan card MUST be set up with the drivers installed before trying to install NTL.

as for USB connection, just ensure you dont plug the modem in untill told to.

sorry if its a little vague but.... good luck anyway

  mosfet 20:42 17 Jun 2005

In Device Manager..under modem..
Is there a composite device? or similar.
If so it needs deleting.

  DerekR 21:02 17 Jun 2005

click here

Found this to be the best place for NTL advice

  Strawballs 00:16 18 Jun 2005

click here Use this and delete anything that refers to ntl

  radi8or 00:45 18 Jun 2005


Try posting here click here a couple of the guys work for NTL very helpful

Regards Bob

  kinger 19:48 19 Jun 2005

Thanks everyone. Sorry not to get back sooner but I've had to go to work, literally, all day from morning 'til late evening.

I will take a look at all of the above and see what I can come up with.

I'm wondering if upgrading to Windows ME may help as the PC has the first edition of Win 98.

The PC only has 96mb of memory too which will need, at least, doubling I would think.

I can't get to check any of this until Tuesday (always a pain when it's someone elses computer) but will keep reading any posts.

Thanks very much everyone.

  keith-236785 18:52 21 Jun 2005

although it is a little short on memory for windowsXP, and everyone agrees you cant have too much memory (once you are on winxp that is) 96MB is more than enough for win98 or win me,

windows ME will not install on a system with a CPU less than 166mhz (not many still around i would think) and 32MB memory....win98 would install and run on only 8MB ram (i know cos i did it years ago), ran like a pig though lol.... and any proc.

just checked with my old install manual and it says "a USB compatable operating system" so i dont think upgrading will help.

Are you connecting via USB or LAN?

  kinger 20:00 21 Jun 2005

Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated.

I checked each comment trying out the Registry cleaner first. This found nothing with NTL so I was unable to use that problem solver.

Next I upgraded the memory to 132MB (1x64 and 1x 128)

I installed a ethernet card.

Then I upgraded to Windows ME.

After all that the system still refused to run the installation disk insisting that it was still 'closing down' each time I inserted it.

I get a warning message that I need to 'insert the installation disk to begin' each time I reboot but I have no idea where the file is residing that gets read each boot up, so I can't remove it. Any ideas on that one would be great.

The only way to remove the message is to Ctl, Alt and Del.

I called the helpline who said 'remove the installation disk and ignore the message'.

They took me through a manual install by taking me to their registration system on the Internet.

All went well and now we're fully installed and working.

Apart from not being sure how to get rid of the error message keep popping up, following everyone's advice seems to have done the trick.

Thanks again to all of you who replied.


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