name of a laptop component

  matthewryan2k 21:40 22 Jun 2009

Hello. I recently took apart a Dell Inspiron 1525 so i could fit a pink lid for my sister, and having put it back realised I damaged a cable that links the media center controls to the motherboard, and need to get a replacement.

However i'm not sure if the name of the bit is so am having trouble searching for it. The bit i need seems like a little brown plug that goes into a motherboard (i think) socket. The plug was connected to a little white plastic strip (connector cable) that pluged into the media center cover.

I wondered if anyone could tell me the correct name for this little plug bit, and if possible where i could get one of these (and whether it would be possible to fit it to the connector strip). Otherwise i'll just have to try and source the whole connector.

Below is the Media Center Control cover page, the bit i am talking about is the section 4 illustration, number 3 (media control buttons connector)

click here

Hope someone can help. Thanks, bye!

  interzone55 21:51 22 Jun 2009

From the illustration it just seems to be referred to as Media Control Buttons Connector with no special name.

The generic name for them is a Ribbon Cable if that's what you're looking for, but they're all a little different, and you'll need to get just the right one because if it's too long you'll never get everything back together again...

  matthewryan2k 21:56 22 Jun 2009

ok thanks. i was refering to the little brown plug thing that's attached to one end of the ribbon cable. I must have pulled it out when i lifted the cover off and it seems to have magically disappeared. I'm not sure if i could just get the plug thing and reattach it to the ribbon cable, otherwise does anyone know the best site to get a replacement part (i have emailed dell but i'm not sure if they will get back to me). thanks

  skidzy 21:57 22 Jun 2009

Matthew,you have obviously done your homework...have you considered contacting Dell ? even if for the correct trade name of the part,you never know - it maybe cheap enough from Dell.

  skidzy 21:58 22 Jun 2009

oops,sorry matthew -cross posted you.

  six-h 23:39 22 Jun 2009

In my very limited forays beneath the keyboard, I have found that most of the ribbon cable connections to the surface controls are of the Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) type.
Could it be that matthew has unwittingly removed the ribbon cable from one of these and just assumes that he has lost a plug from the end of the cable since it is "bare ended"??
Probably wrong, (I usually am!) but others more experinced than I will probably be able to discount this theory!

  woodchip 00:01 23 Jun 2009

I had problems with this when I took my first Laptop in bits a little white wedge holds the ribbon cable in place and you have to take care removing it, as this stops the ribbon being puled out of the socket on the motherboard. the wedge pulls to one side to free the ribbon but only a bit, if you pull too far it gets but. I bust mine but was still able to fix it back with the wedge

  six-h 00:12 23 Jun 2009

woodchip, yes that's my point, maybe if matthew was not aware this was a ZIF connector, and it was not fully locked down, he may be looking for a non-existent plug from the end of his ribbon cable:-)

  lotvic 00:25 23 Jun 2009

I found this picture of how to release a ZIF connector
click here Dell website

  mooly 07:24 23 Jun 2009

Think I understand you. The "brown" part looks like a locking bar. Some ribbon cable sockets do have these. If it is you are going to struggle to get it I think, as it's part of the socket.
If that is what you mean and you can still push the ribbon into place and locate it correctly so that the correct foils connect to the correct pins then you "may" be able to push a very thin strip of plastic etc over the top of the ribbon to press the foil in place.

  matthewryan2k 07:39 23 Jun 2009

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll take another look at it now that you've given me a few possible solutions. You've given plenty to work with, thanks.

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