N1 vs Pre N Routers

  sethm1 22:52 15 Apr 2008

Home network:
Currently have the Belkin's Pre-N (F5D8230-4)

Lately we have had to re-boot the router (and DSL modem) as our XP PC's (3) and one Apple Notebook (with Leopard) have no connection to the web.
Its been happening more frequently lately. There is no new firmware to update.

I have noticed 3 new visible 'networks' on our street. Is it possible someone has the N or N1 version and is kicking us off our network?

Will buying a N1 version keep me connected to MY network and at least lessen the number of times I have to re-boot the router?
Will I :
1) need to un-install the existing Belkin software off each machine (other than the Mac)? then install the new software?

2) I use a Desktop card for my PC & my son uses a Notebook card, the 3rd XP is hardwired to the router.
Is the N version backward compatible? I ask this as I would upgrade our Belkin card, but not my sons as he rarely uses his PC. So would he still be able to have access to our network with a Pre-N card?

  Kemistri 00:39 16 Apr 2008

I take it that you have not tried moving to another channel?

  setecio 07:45 16 Apr 2008

Log into the router and try broadcasting the SSID.

  sethm1 15:40 16 Apr 2008

I had thought about changing the channel when I got home last nite - after my posting.

I thought broadcasting the SSID is not a good thing to do.

  Kemistri 17:00 16 Apr 2008

"I thought broadcasting the SSID is not a good thing to do."

Where did you get that from? Not only does it have absolutely no effect on security, it is important to the proper functioning of Windows XP's WZC (and Vista's equiv.) whenever the need arises to browse for the network.

  sethm1 18:12 16 Apr 2008

Not sure where I heard or read that, but for a Security stand point does seem to make sense to not broadcast your network.
If you say its safe to broadcast, I'll change that when I get home.

  Kemistri 20:07 16 Apr 2008

It makes zero difference whether a wardriver knows the name of the local networks that he is scanning (he won't be using WZC to do that, of course). WZC may prefer to have the SSID, but his software isn't so picky. The same applies to physical address filtering: many people think that it will prevent unwanted clients from connecting, but obviously it won't, because the addresses are broadcast outside encryption and are easily spoofed.

  sethm1 20:36 16 Apr 2008

If changing either the channel or SSID option does not help - would then a N1 router do the trick?

  Kemistri 21:02 16 Apr 2008

No. Not unless your existing router is faulty, in which case, you can invoke the warranty or return it to the seller depending on timescale.

  sethm1 23:08 16 Apr 2008

What about speed? Would N1 be any faster (have DSL) ?

Read that N1 is backward compatible, but drops from using 2 channels to 1 if older wi-fi devices detected (such as my son's notebook & daughters Mac).

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