N standard wireless adaptor - speed increase?

  Brighstone 13:08 30 Sep 2009

I have a 2002 Dell Dimension 4300 PC and a N standard wirless router (BT Homehub 2). If I were to purchase a N standard USB wireless adaptor, would it give me an increase in my broadband speed or do I need a more modern PC to take advantage of the N standard (ie can my PC take advantage of the new N standard)

  oldbeefer2 13:23 30 Sep 2009

If you are like most of us and on a copper line some distance from the exchange, that will be the speed limiting factor.

  Brighstone 12:25 01 Oct 2009

Thanks for your response. My PC is upstairs and my Homehub downstairs so as to be directly connected where the BT line comes into my house (which BT says is the preferred option). As I cannot move my PC downstairs I have to connect wirelessly. Whilst I appreciate that I can't do anything about the distance I am from the exchange, I do wonder whether I can increase the speed of the connection between the Homehub and my PC by utilising the N capability of the Homehub.

  oldbeefer2 13:41 01 Oct 2009

A bit of light reading here click here. I suspect that it would make little difference, depending on the ADSL connection speed - might be worth moving the PC (temporarily) to connect with ethernet to the hub. Run a speedcheck, then try another speedcheck wirelessly.

  Brighstone 15:17 01 Oct 2009

Thanks again. I agree, real test would be to move my PC to the router and connect via ethernet but, call me lazy, but moving the PC will involve a fair degree of work and inconvenience and can only be a temporary measure as the PC would sit in the middle of my hallway! If I did see an increase, I would still have to know whether or not, my old PC and Windows XP can take advantage of a USB N standard adaptor attached to it.

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