N & G Wireless can I use two routers?

  master archer 13:44 05 Apr 2008


My new Laptop has an N wireless card built in so I bought the Linksys N Router, unfortunatley my wife and my son are still on G Wireless so my new router is on MIXED so I am not seeing any benefit of the N wireless.
Someone said that I could plug my old Linsys router into one of the ports on my new router for the G Wireless and set my new router to use N only.
Does anyone know if this will work and if so how it would have to be stup?
Thanks for any help

  Ashrich 19:56 05 Apr 2008

What benefit did you expect to see , apart from file transfers between 2 PC's ?


  master archer 20:53 05 Apr 2008

I thought by having a G only router and a N only router that I would see N performance from my N enabled Laptop and G performance from the other two laptops.

  Ashrich 23:52 05 Apr 2008

You'll only get " N " performance from either 2 PC's ( N enabled ) sharing info over an N network , or something like media streaming ( HD ) from a Gigabit server , simple internet access will only run at the download speed it can run at , a faster network won't make any difference . As for distance , personally I don't think there is much in it comparing Wireless G+ Mimo technology versus Wireless N , although it is better than B and G without any enhancements . So , in a nutshell , keep the set up you have got , adding another wireless router would probably cause interference due to close proximity channel bleed .
At least you are future proofed having at least some of your kit running on 802.11n , in time the other laptops in the house will need to be upgraded and they almost certainly will have the new standard ( when it is finally ratified ! )


  master archer 10:23 06 Apr 2008

Thanks for the reply.
The other two laptops are plain G's
I have a 20 meg connection which when connected direct to the broadband modem I get 17 meg on a good day, when I am wireless two floors down I get 4.5 meg connection, when I spoke to a friend who has the same connection two roads away, his N only Router gives him twice the coverage and his average connection is about 8 meg, which I would be happy to get.
I thought the N router and Laptop should at least give me a better coverage and atleast 6-8meg connection.

  Ashrich 22:06 06 Apr 2008

Then I would suggest that you run ethernet to the room with the G router ( if the phone socket you use is nearest to your N router ) and give the router a different name to the other one , and try putting them at completely channels ( as far apart as possible ) and see how it goes , a 20 mb/s internet connection is something you HAVE to get the best from !!! , also , try letting just one router give out an IP address , so that would mean turning off DHCP on the G router and connecting them via port 1 on the N to port 1 on the G , so the G router just acts as an access point .


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