Mystery re-boot

  igr 15:27 16 Dec 2004

My computer has developed a mystery reboot about 2 or 3 times a day. Any thoughts?

PC Chips M848A 2.1 mobo, 3200XP cpu, PC3200 DDR, ATI Radeon 9200SE 128mb, and ZyXEL modem router.

Resident Software: Avast 4 anti virus, Spywareblaster

  rawprawn 15:37 16 Dec 2004

Download and run AdAware click here also turn System Restore off and reboot, then run Adaware then turn system restore back on.

  igr 16:14 16 Dec 2004

Thanks rawprawn - any thoughts what to do for W2K?

  rawprawn 17:11 16 Dec 2004

If W2K doesn't have a system restore, then you will be OK. It is just that nasties can hide in system restore. I'm sorry I don't know much aboutW2K.You could also download aclick here run this Update both before you run them, they are good to keep and run every few days.

  igr 18:21 16 Dec 2004

I wondered if the problem was caused by my ATI graphics card. I don't do games etc so have left out the AGP drivers. So I thought I would load the AGP drivers from the Motherboard set-up disk. Lo and behold AVAST kicked in and said 'don't Panic' or something like that. There is a Virus on board. It was a W32 Trojan-gen (delphi) which identified a file in the start menu as infected (reboot.exe).

After placing the identified virus in the Virus Chest I ran a virus check on the Motherboard start-up cd. Yes!, there was the alleged virus. It is a poor show if the manufacturers are releasing dodgy set-up disks - or is AVAST giving me a false reading?

Anyway, waiting for the first mystery re-boot since the virus has been dealt with.

  Jak_1 20:40 16 Dec 2004

Doubtfull that a manufacturers setup disk has a virus but could happen, unusual for a trojan to cause a re-boot as they want a pc running continuously to complete their tasks. The Blaster virus is well known for causing re-boots, suggest on online scan from click here to rule this out or confirm it.

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