Mystery My Documents.

  Tazfan 23:01 16 Feb 2004

Hi strangers!

A weird one for you to consider. I rename my My Documents folder as Neil 1. I have done this since day one. However, now whenever I do anything, like transferring images from my fones etc, or saving playlists from WMP, a new "Neil 1" folder is created at c:\documents and settings\neil h\ for example, which is where the original Neil 1 resides. As well as this, I can each time the PC is booted, the My Documents folder will not retain the name Neil 1, but reverts back to the default My Documents.

This all was noticed on wednesday last week, and on that day I tried a system restore to the previous day and also as far awaya as a week before. All with no change.

Its XP, and no software or hardware has been added/removed /altered.

Thank you all as usual in advance for your t ime and your trouble.


  Jarvo 23:23 16 Feb 2004

M$ decided that the best place for your documents was "My Documents" and Iam not sure if it is posable to change this permantly and what effect this will have on saving ect. the easy solution would be to create Neil1 inside my docs and save to there. some folders have special propertys for examp my pics has image options in the task pain and are best left alone. you then can create any number of sub folders within eg, Work, college, Bills, Funny ect..... If you have two users ether create Niel1 and Sue1 inside my docs and my photos ect or even better two user acounts within XP

Hope this helps


  Jarvo 23:31 16 Feb 2004

The other thing My doc,s is not efected by syst restore the idea behind this is that if you have to take your computer back a few weeks or months you do not loose a few weeks or months of documents(in business that would be a nightmare)a sort of safe haven for docs.

My view is that you may be able to find a way round this or freeware that will do this for you but given its importance and functions best left alone! try sub folders


  Tazfan 00:04 17 Feb 2004

I have always renamed My Documents. Its just a case of right clicking and renaming it. Its only in the last week that it decided not to keep the name I gave it. Within that, I have all my usual My Music and My Pictures etc etc etc.

  short-circuit 00:37 17 Feb 2004

Is the computer set up for more than one user account? Have you recently added a new user? If you look for the article on 'My Pictures folder overview' in the Windows XP help, it explains some the naming conventions used for more than one account and I wondered if this was what was causing your machine to now rename the Neil folder as My Documents. Is it the Desktop shortcut which is renamed or is it the actual folder inside Documents and settings?

When you download the stuff from the fones etc, it could be creating a folder with your name on it to differentiate from another users folder.

Only a suggestion... does this prompt any thoughts or solutions from anyone else?


  ©®@$? 00:42 17 Feb 2004

i dind't think windows allowed you to change the my documents folder as it is a system folder, i thought if you did that then when windows boots up doesn't find the system folder it creates it again..

i would imagine if you do change the name of the my documents folder then you may have to change registry settings to allow for the change

never done this so that is my guess

  ©®@$? 00:45 17 Feb 2004

this is the nearest i found

Take a look at click here - WinXP Utilities.
Check out the DesktopIconRename - it's written in VB

  ©®@$? 00:47 17 Feb 2004

is it anything to do with the path to your documents folder, make sure the target is correct

just throwing in some suggestions to see if anything clicks into place

  ©®@$? 00:55 17 Feb 2004

read this click here

read the part about

You are talking about changing Special Folder names.

In the registry under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WIndows|CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders is where these special folders are named:

Example: My Documents

Data = %USERPROFILE%\My Documents

and the post below it

  Tazfan 13:06 17 Feb 2004

Only a single user is configured. Nothing knowingly has changed system wise.

If you right click My Documents on your desktop, you can rename it, then you rename it in Windows Explorer. It cant just be me that is able to do it. All of a sudden, it will not keep its name, and a new Neil 1 folder is created when something new is saved.

  Tazfan 13:11 17 Feb 2004

As far as ©®@$?'s links are concerned, the 1st one is something I feel that there is no need to use cause til now there have been no problems with right click rename.

The second one (even though I have only read the question, not the suggested solution) looks about the same as mine, but if his is called "georges Documents", his has been changed from the My Documents default name.

Thank you very much for your ongoing brainstorming on this. Its very much appreciated.

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