Mystery Freeze on Bootup

  colberly 18:36 28 May 2004

Over the last few days on bootup I get to the opening screen and when trying to type in my password the whole thing freezes and when I press ctrl, alt del then the blue screen of death. I have to then switch off my PC and restart, resulting in a scandisk before things right themselves. On viewing the scandisc log this is always the same:-

Log file generated at 18:24 on 28/5/2004.

ScanDisk used the following options:
Standard test
Automatically fix errors

Drive Local Disk (C:) contained the following errors:

The C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs
folder contained incorrect information about tvDebug.log (MS-DOS name TVDEBUG.LOG):
The size of the file was different from the size recorded for it in its folder.
Resolution: Repair the error
Results: Error was corrected as specified above.

ScanDisk found 8192 bytes of data in 1 lost file fragment(s).
Resolution: Discard lost file fragment(s)
Results: Error was corrected as specified above.

ScanDisk found errors on this drive and fixed them all.

Can anyone shed any light and help me rectify the problem please.

  woodchip 18:39 28 May 2004

OS would be nice

  colberly 18:41 28 May 2004

Windows ME.

  jack 20:14 28 May 2004

have got a firewall on?
If so take it out pro tem

Does Me have a 'built' in one and you have another installed, if so poss conflict.

  SANTOS7 20:22 28 May 2004

i think tvbug.log is connected to Zonealarm if you are running this it may well be in conflict with something else

  woodchip 22:20 28 May 2004

Can you run selective startup to find the Prob as I would say it's a driver prob

  Epocs 22:23 28 May 2004

Have you tried booting into safe mode? This will enable you to check what programs/services are started at startup.

  Irishman 22:37 28 May 2004

Uninstall Zone Alarm then try a restart. If it all goes well try reinstalling, if that doesn't work install Sygate.

  colberly 09:22 29 May 2004

Touch wood I think I may have solved the problem.
Human error as usual with my setup of ZA. I had set the logs to view last 50 and then removed the check in archive logs daily. I have tried rebooting several times and so far no problems.
Fingers X'd.

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