Mystery entry in "Startup"

  Meshuga 08:04 21 Apr 2005

Having gone to startup prog via start-run-msconfig to check something,I found an entry, which I`ve not seen before,which showed as follows, "a horizontal line of 7 tiny squares followed by a gap and then 8 tiny squares and then the words Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\current version. This is repeated in another line further down. I went to start- search and ran the search for it but it said "This is not a valid folder". I have these entries unticked. How can I remove them from the startup or should I ignore them please. I have looked in Add and remove but nothing in there seems to relate to it. Your help appreciated please.

  Graham ® 08:52 21 Apr 2005

I can only suggest you do a sfc /scannow check.

  Meshuga 09:01 21 Apr 2005

How do I do that please Graham.

  Graham ® 09:02 21 Apr 2005

Put sfc /scannow in the Run box.

  Graham ® 09:02 21 Apr 2005

Should say, 'sfc' = System File Checker.

  Meshuga 09:03 21 Apr 2005

Ok, will do and come back.

  Meshuga 09:10 21 Apr 2005

Hi Graham, Have done tha but as soon as I cick ok it just disappears. Nothing happens.

  Meshuga 09:13 21 Apr 2005

Graham, I was typing sfc, should I have put the full wording in?

  Graham ® 09:23 21 Apr 2005

Yes. sfc space /scannow.

  Meshuga 09:26 21 Apr 2005

I have typed the full wording in and got the System window with a number of files in it but they mean nothing to me. Most are drivers. Where do I go from here please?

  Meshuga 09:30 21 Apr 2005

Have to go out now but will resume later.

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