Mystery Drumming online (not a Haloween Joke!)

  choppers 18:59 31 Oct 2006

I have a weird problem which crops up fairly regularly. When I am online (AOL) sometimes from out of the blue a 4-beat rhythmic Drumming starts, like a train (du-du-du-Dum!, du-du-du-Dum!) over and over, each 'set' lasting about 1 second. I am unable to stop it apart from signing off AOL. If (like now) I just leave it, after a while it turns into a 2-beat (du-Dum, du-Dum) and then later into a 1-beat (dum-dum-dum etc)I have looked in Task manager but whatever I close it continues until I close AOL. This sounds like a wind-up but it is true and really irritating, and a bit worrying! Could it be a virus? Anyone else ever heard of this? Please help -it's driving me nuts!

  VoG II 19:04 31 Oct 2006

Mobile phone near PC?

  choppers 19:09 31 Oct 2006

No - unfortunately nothing so simple as a mobile nearby - the sound is not like interference, it is coming out of my sound system very loud and clear. And very weird!

  rdave13 19:10 31 Oct 2006

Frightened the life out of me the first time I heard it. Thought something was trying to get out of my speakers! lol.

Since I moved my chordless phone's charger base upstairs from being plugged into the master BT socket it has never reoccured.

  VoG II 19:11 31 Oct 2006

Oh well. I get this - dat da da dat - when my mobile is nearby. I think it is when it syncs with the network or whatever they do.

  choppers 19:14 31 Oct 2006

Definitely not like the mobile sound - I recognise that. Thought VoG might have it - just tried unplugging my cordless charger - no difference!

  choppers 19:15 31 Oct 2006

Be back in a bit - got to go and eat! Look forward to other suggestions!

  Forum Editor 19:34 31 Oct 2006

A fax machine will often 'poll' the analogue line, and if it's connected to the same socket as the computer it may cause a problem.

If you do nothing, how long does all this go on for?

  choppers 19:46 31 Oct 2006

I don't have a fax. If I do nothing, it goes on forever! At this minute it is banging away with its "1-Beat" (14 beats every 10 secs - I've just timed it!) The volume is controllable by my volume control. I have a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Sound card and surround sound - so I get this in glorious deafening stereo! If I am playing music it sometimes starts up and plays over the top of the music - I have to come offline to stop it.

  choppers 19:51 31 Oct 2006

I've just tried unplugging the phone and the cordless phone out of the socket which also carries the DSL Broadband connection. It has made no difference. It sounds like I have a unique problem!

  rdave13 19:54 31 Oct 2006

Exactly the same as I had. Sounded sometimes as thudding horses hooves running accross a field. Controllable via the audio system. As I said removing the charger/transmitter to my cordless phone cured it for me. If you have Sky then try changing the filter incase it's packing up.

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