Mysterious loss of signal.

  jack 09:48 27 May 2008

We have wireless headphones connected to TV and radio- because of mutual hearing loss.
So the scenarios is -
Base station one connected to TV
Base station two connected to radio.
There are 3 channel opportunities so the two are set to Ch1 and Ch3 respectively - not that two are in use together.

The radio set up is prone to drop signal.
That is after 10 minutes of playing the signal will go with 'phsst' and then nothing, the transmit light will also be out.
Removing the plug from the radio revealed the radio playing way OK.
Checked base station by swapping TV for Radio - still the drop out-
Then the power supplies.
Still the drop out.
Reported it to the supplier who simply sent out a replacement set free of charge.
So now we have three sets- and swapping then all around we still have signal drop out on any base station/power supply combination connected to radio.
The third and final check is to place a headphone set on the base station in question in the headphone charge mode- The charge light comes on every time.
So not a power problem
So what causes the drop out?

  wotbus@ 10:27 27 May 2008

Sounds like interference (swamping) on the remote headphones frequency. Do you live close to any antenna's/police/fire or ambulance stations or the like, which could cause this by keying a transmitter?
If not this then the gain of the input signal from the radio to the radio base could be set too high and overload is causing cut-out. If possible try to reduce the radio input to the base station and compensate by increasing the volume on the headphones.

  jack 12:06 27 May 2008

How close to a publc transmitter is close?
Certainly we do live near the fire station- perhaps
2/300 metres in a straight line.
Gain on the radio - do you mean Volume?
The radio[s] there are two available are each tiny credit card size things with trouser button size speakers- ie intended for headphone use really.
As I said when the jack is removed the tiny tinny speakers are there OK.

  jack 12:09 27 May 2008

headphones frequency

This is the base station losing the signal from radio- i.e. the signal light goes out on the base station

  jack 13:43 27 May 2008

That is the TV one is constant and never drops out - even though it can be one of the three as they are circulated to test- It is just the one for radio.
The signal feed from Tv earphone socket and the feed from radio surely would be tha same in either case - would it not?

  wotbus@ 09:45 28 May 2008

Please bear in mind when we try to help often a full description of the equipment isn't made available, only the symptoms ;-)
I suspect a mis-match between your radio source output and the radio base station input, which is insufficient to drive the base station continuously. Try to borrow a more conventional radio to do a check. The audio output of your TV is far superior to that of your weeny radio's and that's probably why it continues to work when the radio doesn't.
"The signal feed from Tv earphone socket and the feed from radio surely would be tha same in either case - would it not?".....not true.
This is measured in Impedance and there could be a large difference. You say "TV earphone" but TV's usually have a "Headphone" output unless it's a portable TV. Either way, it is unlikely to be the same.

  jack 11:32 28 May 2008

OK will try the Herselfs Roberts in the same location to see if that makes a difference.
TV headphone output would be different then from the 'Wee Radios' one of which is a generic Christmas cracker' type and the other is a Realistic from Radio Shack[that goes back a bit].
Thank you for that. Now you have put me on the right track- will proceed form there to ......?

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