Mysterious beeps

  aca 07:41 10 Jan 2009

On my PC a couple of times a day, I am getting a couple of beeping sounds.

This is not bios warnings on boot, it seems to happen an hour or so into PC being on.

I thought it might be a temperature warning and am now running Speedfan. although haven't "caught" one of the beeps yet. Last night the highest temp I had was 47C but at moment getting 34C on one sensor, and 20C on another. The fans all are clear, clean and working.

The beep does sound a bit like a virus warning. I am running Avira and this is showing all clear and no indication of infection appears at time of beep. Have scanned both with Avira and Ant-Spyware software. All ok.

No other software running that looks a likely culprit.

In Event Logs can't see any error messages that time with the alert.

My hard drive temperature and health all look ok.

My system spec:

A7V8X-X asus mobo with Athlon Barton CPU
Running XP Pro

No other problems with PC

Any ideas appeciated

  ened 07:57 10 Jan 2009

It isn't a low battery warning is it?

  aca 08:41 10 Jan 2009

Will look for manual

Hadn't thought of battery, will check that out. Thanks

  aca 08:48 10 Jan 2009

Just checked manual and nothing obvious in there

  laurie53 08:53 10 Jan 2009

On some computers you can check if it's a software bleep by turning the computer sound off, or down.

If the bleep recurs at the same volume it is a system warning.

  aca 08:59 10 Jan 2009

Pretty sure that my speakers are off so must be a system warning

  jack 09:13 10 Jan 2009

Try resetting all 'plug ins' Cards , Memory and drives
I could be an intermittent contact.

  aca 09:47 10 Jan 2009

checked/set cards/RAM etc and everything seated ok

  aca 18:23 10 Jan 2009

Just happened, only software running Firefox.

Temp had gone up with warning on Speedfan 51C

also Hardrive temp up at 42C.

For some reason the hard drive LED is on as if the drive is being accessed yet nothing running.

  aca 18:24 10 Jan 2009

Also CPU usage looks high, jumping right up.

Could this be a virus/spyware?

  aca 18:57 10 Jan 2009

Def a result of Avira virus scan, as have just managed to recreate beep by running a manual scan. Think the beep was coming as a result of the scheduled scan but no detection warning was left displayed.

I have deleted the culprit, a low risk nasty.

Still leaves me puzzled about the overactive HDD and CPU, and temps

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