Myspace Flash problems

  Plastic Dracula 18:43 21 Dec 2007

Been having trouble for the last week with Myspace. On my own page or if I go to any other users page the music player doesnt load in and play. I have tried it today on my Dads PC and it works fine so I suspect the problem is with my PC.
I dont know if it is a Flash problem or maybe a Javascript problem but I have been reading around and a few sites have pointed me that way so I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash and Java so many times.
Recently I did have trouble with Trojan virus infection and I ran so many anti virus, anti spyware type stuff that Im thinking that one of these may have changed some settings somewhere stopping the music players loading in?
Any advice gratefully received.

  brundle 18:58 21 Dec 2007

To find out if which (if either) is the problem;

Test Javascript; click here

Test Flash & Javascript; click here

  Plastic Dracula 21:24 21 Dec 2007

They both seem to be ok.

Still got the problem though...

What shall I try next?

  brundle 21:28 21 Dec 2007

Using Internet Explorer? If it's version 7, go to Tools/Internet Options, click Advanced tab, click Reset. Close IE, open it again and try the site(s). Check your firewall and/or antivirus software isn't blocking things - products like Mcafee and Norton tend to monitor web-pages for things to block.

  Plastic Dracula 22:04 21 Dec 2007

Tried the reset and have gone thru (I think) all my anti virus and firewall stuff but the problem is still there

  skidzy 22:08 21 Dec 2007

Reinstall flash from click here note one for IE and one for Firefox etc.

  Plastic Dracula 22:14 21 Dec 2007

Done that
Same problem

  skidzy 22:21 21 Dec 2007

Have you tried in Firefox click here

  Plastic Dracula 22:24 21 Dec 2007

No, never tried firefox.
Think it is worth it?
Im still not 100% sure its not something that Ive done in my virus removal?
Might spend an hour going thru it all tomorrow when Ive got more time and less beer!
Might also try firefox.
Keep those ideas coming folks... :)

  skidzy 22:30 21 Dec 2007

In my opinion Firefox is prefered over IE,and im sure several forum members would agree.

  Plastic Dracula 22:31 21 Dec 2007

Ok, will try it tomorrow and report back.

Thanks for all your help so far!

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