morddwyd 07:56 30 Oct 2009

Someone, who I know, is trying to contact me through a site called "MyLife".

It's US based, and I assume is a social networking site.

I've never hear of it and don't know anything about it.

Is it kosher?

  Sparkly 08:04 30 Oct 2009

Not used it myself but seems ok someone else might confirm this later for you.

click here

  Technotiger 08:15 30 Oct 2009

Why not email them then, and ask them?

  Batch 13:37 30 Oct 2009

I've received a couple of these (from a Chandra de Kauwe, or something like that).

It's just another form of spam so I delete.

If you've never heard of the person, just delete it.

  Batch 12:34 03 Nov 2009

Just got another one. The subject on this one is:

"Last Chance To Accept Chandra de Kauwe's Invitation"

Wow, my last chance to miss out on making contact with someone that I've never heard of.

  lotvic 13:18 03 Nov 2009

Fair bet it'll be spam.
I get quite a few like that and sometimes the name is of someone I know, but when I check with them they haven't sent it.

So now I just delete them as not worth the risk.

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