Mydoom virus

  toofy 11:20 02 Jun 2007

Am getting frequent e-mails( Microsft Outlook) posing as error messages/mailed failed advices. AVG Free has put quite a few in the Virus Vault in recent days. This is apparently the Mydoom virus. I have read that it can be the reason why we are getting scrolling/movie type pop ups which we did not have before. AVG Free says everything is working OK & it is updated almost daily. Does this sound like a serious problem to an expert? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  birdface 11:31 02 Jun 2007

You could try A Squared.see if that picks up anything.Try running it in safe mode ,make sure you run the up-dates first.

  SB23 11:55 02 Jun 2007

I use Avast, and according to their site, the virus cleaner will do the job.

click here.

Hope it helps


  birdface 12:31 02 Jun 2007 here

  toofy 17:36 02 Jun 2007

The instructions to use Avast tell me to turn-off any resident anti-virus before running Avast. I do not understand how to turn off AVG Free. Does this mean uninstalling AVG Free & re-installing it after Avast has ended?

  SB23 18:45 02 Jun 2007

I haven't used AVG for a while now, but I'm sure you used to be able to turn off the resident scanner, if not, I know its a pain, uninstall, run the Avast Virus Cleaner, then reinstall AVG.
On the other hand, if anyone is actually running AVG, and would care to add to this, and be able to point you in the right direction?
Otherwise uninstall, clean, then reinstall. It won't take long. I've had to do it this way many a time for various problems.

  p;3 19:05 02 Jun 2007

you could try scanning deep scans with these

click here

click here

but I think you might do well to register and and get a health check at

click here

you cna get the log from

click here

and please note the contents of

click here

if you go there you will then be guided by experts on how to completley clean your comp::))

  hiwatt 19:14 02 Jun 2007

You can just right click on the avg icon and select close and this will shut it down.Just make sure you uninstall avast after scanning incase the both start up on reboot.

  p;3 19:19 02 Jun 2007

I strongly suggest you need a good health check as linked above; but of course that decision is yours::))

  toofy 20:05 02 Jun 2007

Have looked at most of the sites suggested but findit almost mind blowing with so many options! I just know i will misunderstand some instruction and get in a bigger mess. Hiwatt- When I right click on avg icon there is no option to 'close'. The options are: open, run as,scan, pin to start, send to, copy, remove from list, rename, properties. Will dragging it into the recycle bin have the desired effect?

  SB23 20:20 02 Jun 2007

I would second the idea of a good health check. It won't hurt, and the help you get is second to none.
Beynac, a visitor to this forum, suggested and followed me across to the Malware Removal site, and although it wasn't the infection that we thought it was, after following his instructions, believe me when I say what a difference, and it was all in plain English, even I could follow them, lol.

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