IronBunny666 23:49 16 Jan 2007

Hello, I brought a computer on ebay that claimed to have windows xp pro installed. There was a problem with the computer so i have to re-boot it. I wasn't supplied with a recovery disc or any key what so ever. I have asked the guy who sold it to me to supply one and still no response. Time is running out before i need to activate and still no reply from him. Is this illegal to sell a copy or instal a copy on a computer and sell it off without a proper key or oem number?? Am i correct in thinking they are doing something wrong here?
Need some help if so on who to contact and report them too?

  woodchip 23:56 16 Jan 2007

Yes it is.

  Diversion 00:07 17 Jan 2007

People that sell items on Ebay are not legally binding, in other words you buy as seen. The guy as most likely put a pirate copy of XP Pro then put it on Ebay, I personally wouldn't even consider buying anything from Ebay because I know too many people that get rid of their crap on Ebay (please excuse my way of putting it) but it's true.

  Ex plorer 03:00 17 Jan 2007

A bit harsh Diversion, I buy on eBay regularly in the past two years I have purchased over 350 items computer related.
People who sell rubbish (crap) on eBay just give it a bad name.
Twice I have been let down and eBay and I was refunded the cost of one of the items.
I think it has to be over £16 before Pay Pal look into refunding.

All my items are for older PCs which is what I want for a continuing hobby.

IronBunny666 you must ask the seller questions it’s your only backup.
Start up a Dispute console through eBay.
If the sale of the PC is misleading in any way report it you can get a refund if you paid by Pay Pal as the goods are bought with your card, and not too sure on this but you get to keep the PC as well.

When I get a win item from eBay I keep it in a Win folder in my email, any messages I send from eBay I always send one to myself and all replies go to your email from eBay so keep them in a folder also.
Sorry this is no help for helping with your XP problem.

  Diversion 03:33 17 Jan 2007

It may sound harsh but I know what these people sell on eBay, maybe IronBunny666 may have a chance of getting her/his (I think she's lady going by her name) money back through her local Consumer Trading Standards. Or if the guy is genuine that's selling the PC and produces the disc, but if the PC is okay it should have a number on a label on the back of the PC. I bought my PC new with XP Pro already installed which over time became corrupt, I bought another copy of XP Pro because the Recovery disc would not repair it. With the bought copy of XP Pro I was issued another number sticker to stick on my PC, so if that is a genuine copy of XP Pro it should have the number on the PC'c casing. I'm sorry IronBunny666 if my reply seemed harsh to you also, my intention was not to offend.

  IronBunny666 11:02 17 Jan 2007

No thats fine, and i am male... hard to believe by the name some may find. I brought the pc complete on ebay and have done so in the past too i find it cheaper to and you normally get good quality stuff. This guy has a trading account on ebay and is producing and selling computers on a regular basis so i believe he is selling of illegal copies to everyone.

  Z1100 11:37 17 Jan 2007

Member Profile: complete-pcs?


  IronBunny666 12:16 17 Jan 2007

yes it was, i have started a dispute now

  Diversion 14:49 17 Jan 2007

I am pleased that you can do something about it, if as you say he has a trading account on eBay then you do stand a good chance of sorting it out. The first computer that I bought was refurbished and had an illegal copy of XP Pro that could not be updated, that's when my wife bought me a new one I've stuck to new ones since. The guy who I bought my refurbished computer from was using the same installation disc on each computer that was built up from other computers. It seems like the person that you got yours from is doing the same. Anyway; good luck with your dispute.

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