Is my Xbox dead?

  wolfie3000 00:41 02 Jul 2006

Wasnt sure where to post this.

My mates brought there xboxs round for a few games of halo2 and somehow they managed to accidentaly give one xbox a drink of beer half a bottle of stella to be exact.

The xbox obvioulsy didnt take to the beery goodness and started to smoke and fizz until we managed to unplug it.

So is there any way of fixing it or is it doomed to the bin?

  Jimmy14 00:51 02 Jul 2006

I think its gone. How much beer did you's spill in it do you know, roughly?

  wolfie3000 00:52 02 Jul 2006

Half a bottle of stella.

Good news is we still have one xbox left until someone decides that one needs a drink :)

  Jimmy14 01:03 02 Jul 2006

covered under any extended insurance or is it still under the years gurantee?

  wolfie3000 01:05 02 Jul 2006

not sure about insurance as its not my xbox,

My mates where talking about surgery on said console and as most of them are drunk i better step in and hide it until tomorrow.

  Jimmy14 01:09 02 Jul 2006

out of interest is it the normal x-box or 360?

  rdave13 01:13 02 Jul 2006

If it had been water and the xbox was switched off quickly I'd say leave it for seven days before trying to switching it on. Give it a natural time to dry off completely, with any help like a hairdryer etc. Stella on the otherhand, seems to be quite sugar intensive compared to water. Glutenous stuff and electronics seem a no no.

Still I'd wait a while for the liquid to completely disappear and hope for the best and expecting the worst. Good luck..:)

  wolfie3000 01:13 02 Jul 2006

just normal xboxs they have packed them away and the laptops are out now lol.

We are searching for funny stuff on google video to entertain us one guys crying with laughter at this.

click here

looks like the xbox will be operated on tomorrow as it isnt insured or under warranty.

  wolfie3000 01:18 02 Jul 2006

that video floored me i cant breath im laughing so much especially love the scene with the blue bike :)

  rdave13 01:28 02 Jul 2006

David Tossenholff..who is he ?

  Jimmy14 01:32 02 Jul 2006

goodnight guys

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