Is my wpa set correct

  peug417 20:59 28 May 2005

I have configured my D-LINK DSL G604T to a network with 1 pc and 1 wireless laptop. no adsl connection till tuesday. I have run the set up for the security under WPA PSK. I have entered the string for psk and clicked apply. However i don't have to type anything to connect to the network from the laptop, it connects automatically. Is this right?

  Dipso 22:37 28 May 2005

Doesn't sound right. I had to re-enter the WPA key into my laptop before I could connect to my network. I don't have a Dlink, I have a Netgear but it should be the same in principle.

You could download something like Netstumbler click here which can tell you if your wireless network security is effective.

  peug417 23:59 28 May 2005

I have tried both wep and wpa settings in the setup section using my browser, But when the laptop connects to the network it shows as an open network? also the link provided by Dipso veryfies my network is insecure. Any help would be appreciated. Does it matter my adsl is not connected yet?

  Taff36 00:10 29 May 2005

No it doesn`t. Are you saving the settings and then restarting the router. (I`ve set up three of these routers so post back because I guess you aren`t!)

  fly2hi 00:19 29 May 2005

I can't connect to my SMC router without entering a passphrase in the client pc. I can't see how you can have security turned on if you can connect without it. When you alter the security settings in the router you must click 'apply' or something to save the new settings.

  Taff36 00:40 29 May 2005

First of all you should set up the router using the blue cable supplied connected to an Ethernet port. This is recommended but if you don`t have one on the Laptop you`ll need to do it wirelessly anyway. It`s only a security precaution I think.

On the setup tab select wireless in the left menu. Click the WPA radio button and enter your settings. Then click apply. (I guess you`ve already done that bit!) Now go to tools and click system commands and click save all. In a few moments a message will say “Your changes have now been permanently saved.” Click the back button. Now click the restart button and wait, perhaps for as long as a minute or so. You should then be presented with the login screen again. Now try to access the router without logging in and you should be asked to enter the WPA details.

I would strongly recommend that you now change the default login details if you haven`t done so. Anyone that sees your network could guess the IP address, it`s common to a lot of routers and the login factory settings are the same.

  Gaz 25 11:33 29 May 2005

The G604T should prompt to reboot, but it doesnt... but yes, you must save all settings and reboot, in advanced > system commands.

  Taff36 11:40 29 May 2005

No tools> system commands Gaz25!

Now change your default logins mate! Any other problems post back. Although this one wasn`t mine I`ll claim a fourth D-Link G604T under my belt when you`ve finished.

  peug417 12:14 29 May 2005

Thanks Taff36, You were right. because the medling I had done before your posting I reset the Router to its original factory defaults and started again. Firstly changing my admin password then installing a wpa psk key. Save all in system commands then restart. Bingo.
The quick setup guide supplied is worse than useless the online guide at no point in the section advises to save all etc merely "apply". i bought the router on recommendations, it may well be an efective bit of kit, but d- link need to brush up on their instructions for novices.

  Taff36 14:15 29 May 2005

Believe me I`ve been there and back. That`s why I understand this one router so well. It would help if the dialog boxes told you to save all settings after you applied any settings - so simple but they don`t and that`s the biggest secret about the whole product. After that the router works perfectly. (Until Tuesday when you get your ADSL - Then I`ll tell you the second biggest secret!)

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