My wireless D-Link router no longer connects!

  gnorto 11:52 26 Jan 2007

Someone please help me!
I have had a wireless connection on my PC for ages now. I have..
- a BT Home Hub
- 1 computer connecting to the internet using an ehternet connection
-1 computer (trying) to connect using a D-Link router. To be exact it's called a DWL-G122 802.11g wireless adaptor.
Anyway, the problem is I've had this connection for about 6 months without ever having one problem connecting to the internet.
About 3 weeks ago when the storms were pretty rough we lost all internet connections for a few hours. After this had happened all hell broke loose with my computer and now it's a tiresome battle trying to connect it to the internet now.
The computer using ethernet is connecting fine so I know it's to do with my wireless and not the actual connection.
When I switch my computer on this is the process:
1)The D-Link Logo (It's a big D shape) flashes green and pretends it's connecting
2)Windows tries to connect (that tv screen icon comes up) and flashes and says 'trying to acquire network address' and sometimes says other things like "no connection".
3) I can sometimes manually connect it to the internet myself using Windows and selecting the network connection then ticking the "let windows connect using wireless" option.
Sometimes when I check this option it lets me connect, but sometimes it doesn't come up as an option and sometimes when I connect it like this it just does nothing!
I really have no idea what is going on it's really starting to stress me out as sometimes it takes hours to connect to the internet and that's if it even connects.
I hardly know anything about computers..only the basics but I've looked at all the settings and I've just run out of ideas (and patience). I am on the brink of smashing my PC up.
I don't know whether the problem is that too many programs are trying to connect to the internet so they all disconnect each other?? Any suggestions would be great and I will be forever grateful.
Please save my sanity.

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