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  BarbieVista 21:58 26 Jul 2005

Windows Vista is Microsoft's next version of its Windows operating system, to follow Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It was previously known by the codename Longhorn; the name "Vista" was unveiled on July 22, 2005.

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Comments, please?

  Forum Editor 23:56 26 Jul 2005

I see that you're site relies heavily on text taken from other people or other sites - like Paul Thurrock of Winsupersite.

You mustn't do that unless you have permission from the person or people who hold the copyright on the text, and you certainly mustn't distribute copyright-protected images without Microsoft's consent. As far as I'm aware Microsoft hasn't released Vista images into the public domain, but I'm ready to be proved wrong.

  BarbieVista 00:30 27 Jul 2005

Microsoft did on Vista Video!

  Forum Editor 08:10 27 Jul 2005

it doesn't mean you can grab images from it and republish them. The video is protected by copyright, and unless you have Microsoft's consent it's illegal to copy it in any form - in whole or in part.

Microsoft may well have other things to worry about than chasing up everyone who infringes this particular copyright, but it would be irresponsible of me not to mention it.

If you are interested in running a serious web site I urge you to think about the copyright issues very carefully - if you publish other peoples' work without consent you will eventually find a brown envelope dropping through your door.

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