Is my Toshiba Lappy on it's way out??

  AngeTheHippy 17:40 14 Feb 2012

Afternoon Chaps, this Satellite L300 is 3 years old this month,usually powered up 12+ hours each day, not that old, but I've a sneaky feelin' she's dying. Little things, like when I lift the lid to 'wake' it's often 20 seconds before screen ready for password; whatever browser I use when the page has loaded the slide bar on the right doesn't respond for maybe 10-15 seconds; now and then the screen 'flickers' just for a split second. Additionally, my online icon in system tray, it very often shows off-line (no Globes) when I am clearly still ON-line!

What do you think??

AngeTheHippy x

  john bunyan 17:51 14 Feb 2012

What Operating System? Have you regularly had a "spring clean" ie used CCleaner to remove old IE searches etc? Done a defrag?

  AngeTheHippy 17:58 14 Feb 2012

Hi John,

Oh yeah, done all that, and regularly. Also thought it prudent over the weekend to put on external HDD everything that would make me hysterical if I lost it. Just looked at the receipt it's actually 3 years old tomorrow. It's in the kitchen throughout the morning then moved to lounge half way through the afternoon, so not set in one place. It never gets hot on the base like the previous laptop I had (an Evesham jobby) which is good, but I don't leave it on the carpet, but on a small table.

Ange x

  john bunyan 18:05 14 Feb 2012

Hi Ange Good you have taken the precaution of a back up. 3 Years seems not much. Othres will no doubt comment shortly, and I will also have a think. Are you using XP, Vista or W7? JB

  AngeTheHippy 18:08 14 Feb 2012

Hello John, I should've said. It's Vista,250HDD/intel Centrino.

Ange x

  onthelimit1 18:09 14 Feb 2012

If you have everything stored on an HDD, I'd be tempted to do a restore to factory setting (assuming it has that facility or restore disks). It can often transform a cluttered machine.

  john bunyan 18:09 14 Feb 2012


Have you run the registry cleaner part of CCleaner? Also have you deleted unneccary start up items. Have a read here.

  Ian in Northampton 18:21 14 Feb 2012

To me, those sound like all the symptoms of a typical Windows machine that, despite everything you do in terms of keeping it clean/tidy, just gets bogged down with crap. I'm with onthelimit: a factory restore (or operating system reinstall) is likely your best way forward. And, if you've a) backed up everything you need, b) got all the drivers to hand, c) got all your application CDs and serial numbers, and d) got a couple of hours to spare - what have you got to lose? ;-)

  AngeTheHippy 18:38 14 Feb 2012

I'm leanin' towards ya on this one, Ian. I've done SO MANY re-installs in the past(not on this Lappy),gets on my nerves but yep, I think prob the way forward with this. I truly HATE doing it. Think I'll wait till I've really GOT to do it, or.. I-CAN'T-STAND-IT-ANYMORE then do it... 8-)

Thanks lads,

Ange xx

  wee eddie 18:49 14 Feb 2012

It sounds to me that you may have an awful lot running, possibly not all loading at start-up

  Ian in Northampton 19:01 14 Feb 2012

You and me both, Ange - you and me both... :-( Mac users just don't know what they're missing, do they?

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