Is my tft defective?

  jg1990 16:14 15 Apr 2005

Hi everyone!

Having owned a laptop for some time with a marvellous TFT display, I decided it was time to purchase a TFT for my desktop computer. So, a few days ago I ordered one which was on special offer in PC World for £99. It arrived yesterday. After unpacking it and hooking it up to its base, I noticed that it slanted downwards. So, I fiddled with the little screw on the back but all this is used for is to take off the arm so that the screen can be wall mounted. I am currently using the screen the “wrong way round” in its base, although now, it is pointing at an angle up, so it does not hurt my eyes.

To try and explain the problem further I have put a few pics of the problem on my webspace: click here

I would be most grateful if you could offer your advice.

Many Thanks, James

  Totally-braindead 16:23 15 Apr 2005

Had a look at your photos and to me the way you have it which you say is incorrect looks right to me, if there isn't a problem using it like this then I'd just leave it, only other idea is what does it look like assembled in you local PCW. I would presume they would assemble it correctly.

  jg1990 16:26 15 Apr 2005

Unfortnuantely I bought the tft from their website as it was a "web special"!

  Technotiger 16:28 15 Apr 2005

Hi, just had a look - I agree totally with Totally-braindead (no pun intended).

  Diemmess 16:34 15 Apr 2005

I'm with Totally-braindead. Its curious how others use a monitor. I prefer to look down at it just as once upon a lifetime ago I preferred the circle to the stalls in a cinema.

Two others I know (by having seem them using it), prefer to hunch themselves under the monitor and look up at it. A recipe for a "bad back"?

  Rayuk 19:15 15 Apr 2005

click here
If this is the one there is something amiss somewhere

  jg1990 19:23 15 Apr 2005

that's the one! What makes you think something is wrong?

  Rayuk 19:25 15 Apr 2005

Can you remove the upright arm at all,maybe you can turn it round somehow from _\__ to _/__

  jg1990 19:27 15 Apr 2005

I don't think I can, the arm is help in place with a screw, so if I turned it around I wouldn't be able to tighten the screw!

Any other ideas?

  Totally-braindead 19:35 15 Apr 2005

I did have a look at the advert on the PCW website and it does mention tilting display but does this mean the display is set at a tilt and you can't move it or that the tilt is adjustable? I just don't know, the way you describe it once it locked in place you can't move it. Perhaps theres someone on the Forum who has bought this particular model of monitor. Anyone?

  Technotiger 19:55 15 Apr 2005

Sorry to contradict you friend, but the PCW site does not mention anything about Tilting in relation to this monitor. So I think it is fixed rather than adjustable. I will be the first to apologise if I am wrong!


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