jack 19:28 30 Oct 2003

Having installed a digicam and photoprinter on a P1 200 Mhz/256 Mb machine for a friend.
I found that whilst it all runs OK[albeit like treacle from the fridge] his favourite picture/card maker
program[Sierra],when activated, gives the error message "Stack overflow" and no longer runs.
Although Paint Shop Pro and others run perfectly well.
He is an aold chap who does not like change so he will not venture in the complex proggies like PSP
et al.
So what is to do.
What are the implications of stack overflow?
He has loaded all the Printer[Epson] software, but as this is also a PC less camera memory printer
he could live without that if it is considered a factor.

  powerless 19:43 30 Oct 2003
  bremner 19:44 30 Oct 2003

http: //;en-us;Q145799

Remove the spaces each side of the // for Microsofts explanation of Stack Overflow

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