My SSHD seagate drive is too slow

  habs2habs 20:34 18 Jan 2014

Hi everyone

please i need your help

recently i bought 1 month ago SSHD(solid state hybrid drive(ST2000DX001) from seagate,2TB,should be a lot faster,this what is happening:

-when i turn the computer on from cold startup,it took me 1 minute,40 seconds to start up to the desktop,but when i turn it off ,it took seconds to turned off.

Now if i click on anything in the internet,nothing happened,i have to click so many times to work,example(if i click on google icon,firefox icon,to open any website,i have to click so many times to open(i have broadband 16MB speed).

i used defragmentation softwares already and everything if fully defrag.

please how can i make the disk faster?

I have windows7,64 bit home premium,quad core intel,4GB memory,(do you recommend me to upgrade my memory to maximum 8 GB,this is what the motherboard allow me to upgrade the memory,i have SATA2 interface,3GBPS)

or buy pci.e sata3 card to connect the SSHD to sata3 card(will the sshd be faster)

i hope to hear from you very soon please as you always did before

have a very nice weekend

My kindest regards habib

  lotvic 10:44 19 Jan 2014

I see you have a couple of other threads about this, out there on other sites on the Internet.

More RAM might help. Go easy on those Registry Cleaners/Optimizers - sometimes they do more harm than good. Check you haven't got too many background services running (Taskmanager, Processes) using up CPU and ram memory. Check the size of the Virtual Memory allowance. Also is your Virus Checker running a full file scan at every boot up? That can slow everything down and there is no need for a full scan to run at every boot up. Change the schedule.

  BRYNIT 11:04 19 Jan 2014

I tried a pci-e SATA3 card and found it slower than the SATA 2 connection.

If you are still using a SATA2 cable change it to a SATA3 cable as I did find changing the cable even on a SATA2 connection did increase the speed of my SSD drive.

  alanrwood 12:01 19 Jan 2014

Your drive is limited in speed by the fact that you are using it as an extenal drive by USB connection. It can not go faster than the slowest link in the chain ie the USB connection. SSDs (and hybrids) are wasted in external drives as they can not operate at full speed due to the USB interface. I would suggest install the hybrid in your computer and use the existing internal HDD as your Extenal one. A USB3 interface might help but there have been various reports that it is not as giood as it looks from the spec.

  habs2habs 17:21 19 Jan 2014

Thank you all for every help i received from you.

alanrwood:i am using the SSHD as internal drive not external drive,i am thinking to buy sata3 card to get more speed for my SSHD,but i was wrong.

BRYNIT write to me about sata3 card doesn't make any better speed

lotvic: you are right i wrote to different other sites about this.i am using virus checker to run full scan at start up,i use virus checker manually.

thank you all again

My kindest regards habs2habs

  woodchip 18:02 19 Jan 2014

You should not defrag a SSD drive it just wares them out faster, Check on your startup folder in MSCONFIG sounds like too many programs starting at boot

  woodchip 18:03 19 Jan 2014

PS as its Hybrid it is only the prefetch that is SSD rest is a normal Disc Drive

  alanrwood 21:39 19 Jan 2014

alanrwood:i am using the SSHD as internal drive not external drive,i am thinking to buy sata3 card to get more speed for my SSHD,but i was wrong.

Sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying.

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