My speakers wont play sound

  coolkid267 19:47 20 Dec 2007

My speakers wont play sound and theres not a yello or any form of question mark on device manager someone please help it will be greatly appreciated

  Widow's Son 19:57 20 Dec 2007

Sorry if I'm teaching my granny to suck eggs but

1) make sure they're plugged in, on and turned up
2) Make sure they're not muted (normally accessed through speaker icon near clock

  Widow's Son 19:59 20 Dec 2007

You could try reinstalling your sound card driver

  Widow's Son 20:01 20 Dec 2007

open control panel select sounds and multimedia and check all the volumes

  wiz-king 21:39 20 Dec 2007

Some PCs need powered speakers, check your manual as to what type you need.

  coolkid267 15:55 21 Dec 2007

done all the following and none of it worked PLZ help

  ICF 16:08 21 Dec 2007

Are they new or have the worked before?

  bstb3 16:54 21 Dec 2007

Do you have any way of verifying that the speakers work, like another pc or device that they can be tested on? That should isolate whether the problem is PC or Speaker related.

Sound issues I have had in the past have come from:

-speaker jacks in the wrong soundcard (where the PC has a motherboard with onboard sound and a seperate sounddcard) - its very easily done

-the output device being set to the wrong option in the above case

-the overall PC volume being set to 0 or mute

  zoobie 20:58 21 Dec 2007

90% of the time, the drivers have gone AWOL

  coolkid267 21:40 21 Dec 2007

they have worked before

  sinbads 22:59 21 Dec 2007

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