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  Monoux 12:47 09 Jul 2006

On my daughters home page for MYSpace she is suddenly getting the red cross instead of pictures being displayed. Her friends tell her that they can see pictures on their home pages so I assume it's not the site. Any ideas please

  johndrew 13:42 09 Jul 2006

Does this help? click here
or this click here

  Monoux 14:14 09 Jul 2006

Thanks for that. The problem only exists when using my space. but i cant find any settings within my space that appear to alter picture displays. anybody ?

  Monoux 15:28 09 Jul 2006


  Monoux 18:10 09 Jul 2006


  ArrGee 18:15 09 Jul 2006

Try this first;
In IE, Tools - Internet Options - Advanced tab - Restore defaults

  Monoux 19:02 09 Jul 2006

thanks for that ArrGee. have tried this but unfotunately no change. any other ideas anybody??

  ArrGee 21:50 09 Jul 2006

The only help I can offer is quite poor. I would download CCleaner (which you can download free of charge if you click here then try to restore the defaults again. Have you tried using any malware apps?

  Monoux 09:53 10 Jul 2006

Thanks ArrGee. I've tried CCleaner but no change the problem remains. I thought I'd try system restore to a few days back but the system won't restore to an earlier date despite the fact that I can see System checkpoints on the calender or even to a restore point I created a week ago

This is beginning to annoy me now as whatever I try it gets blocked by some thing else. I really thought system restore might be the saving grace but no that has decided now is a good time not to work. Meanwhile getting much GBH of the ears from daughter !!

Any ideas anyone ?

  ArrGee 16:08 10 Jul 2006

Strange that you are having this problem with only MySpace. All I can suggest is running some AV and malware apps. Personally I use Spybot, Adaware, Windows Defender, Spyware Doctor and also Avast for my AV. Once you have run these, make sure that you have all updates for Windows loaded. Sorry for not being able to provide any real specific help at this moment.

However, your first perception of the site not being at fault could be wrong. I feel that is exactly the problem. There is a strong possibility that the uploaded photos are too large and have been kicked. Try to upload them again, and try some different pics as well.

  Monoux 16:53 10 Jul 2006

Thanks again for your input ArrGee, you seem to be the only one trying to help me and I do appreciate that.
I've run various malware progs all to no avail. I found I was getting messages about restore points being corrupted so I've turned system restore off then on again to clear them all out. At least those messages have now stopped. The original problem remains unsolved. I'm going to try and set up and account on My space under my profile instead of my daughters and see if that behaves the way it should. If so I reckon she will have to delete hers and start all over again. I think I might tell her that using a loud hailer from about a mile away !!!!

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