My Son's first web site

  Sheila-214876 17:54 31 Jan 2004

Please tell me what you think. I don't like the dark area at the bottom because the text is unreadable. I also don't like the animated text hanging on the end of the mouse. He used Frontpage and assured me it is his first attempt. One of the pages is protected by a password but that shouldn't put you off giving your opinions.

  Sheila-214876 17:55 31 Jan 2004

Sorry, the site is click here

  jgosden 18:18 31 Jan 2004

hi, personally i would lose the mouse follower as it is annoying and i would reccomend using a big picture as a web background. the text can be quite hard 2 read over it and personally i find it quite annoying.

  Goatee 18:45 31 Jan 2004

Hi there

There are many very simple things you could do to improve the site...

Firstly, get rid of the mouse follower. Its an annoying gimmick that will make any site look tacky.

Secondly, definately use a plain background or a subtle texture. The pic, although very nice, makes reading quite difficult and it is also way to big in k.

To get the layout that you want make better use of tables to give a better structure and aid text alignment. I took this from your code which is a big no no:

<a href="click here">Search with MSN</a>                                                                                                                   


Also try to use a more subtle and consistent colour scheme. Red and bright green text doen't look too great, especially when using a picture background.

Finally, why have you got the right click disabled? I don't suppose it really matters but there isn't really any need.

Sorry, one last thing... Just out of interest I tried to validate the code, this is the result:

"I could not parse this document, because it does not include a DOCTYPE Declaration. A DOCTYPE Declaration is mandatory for most current markup languages and without such a declaration it is impossible to validate this document."

Theres no need to worry about meeting HTML standards at the mo. However, if your son is serious about getting better at web design then I'd suggest he'd work through some basic html tutorials on the web. I can personal recommend W3Schools: click here

Have fun :o)

  Goatee 18:47 31 Jan 2004

Oooops, the example of code didn't display as its html I guess. Just ignore that for now and start going through the tutorials :o)

  Forum Editor 19:26 31 Jan 2004

Anything that follows the mouse pointer is a real turn off.

The colours need revision - what you're aiming for is readability, not colour abuse. Use black or navy blue text on a white background and it will look right. If you're displaying text on an image that's mainly dark try using white.

I agree with Goatee's comment about using tables - they're the web designer's friend.

  Cam-330894 23:08 31 Jan 2004

Check for those crazy 's they camo up everywhere.
The site tells me a lot about you.
Good luck.

  PurplePenny 23:27 31 Jan 2004

Took forever to load - over three minutes, I'd have given up on most sites.

The disable-right-click doesn't work for all browsers - why have it anyway?

He should get rid of the <blink> around his opening text. It is considered bad form as far as accessibility is concerned. Many/most browsers ignore it anyway.

There are a lot of non-breaking spaces in there which is a tad clumsy.

He has written photos in some places and photo's in others.


  Sheila-214876 10:48 01 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone for all the critisism and comments. I have emailed him with the major points. Let's hope he takes some notice. If he does I will post again with the revamp.

  Gaz 25 01:32 08 Feb 2004

I think he should keep the images, but reduce size. And make a rounded table, capable of tranparancy, but not too much, around the text.

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