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  Acid Burn7uk 00:49 14 Apr 2003

I recently switched on my computer and then after about 10 mins of use it just froze. When i say froze i mean the mouse and keyboard stopped responding and the soud out of the speakers was looping, ie part of a word kept repeating. So i thought, sugar lumps and restarted. this then got worse and would happen when installing things and playing games. I reinstalled XP thinin this would solve it - wrong, it still happened. I then loaded up ME, and it still happend - but not as regularly. Then when i put XP back on (NOTE: This not happen during windows setup.) So a bit of testing revealed that it normally happened when playing MP3's or Hitman2. I then thought there might be a problem between my graphics card (geForce2 MX/400) and soundcard (SB 128 PCI) i whipped out my soundcard and turned on comp - again it still happened and i could use my comp for 10mins - 15 if i was lucky. I then Put the soundcard back in (in a different PCI slot) moved my network card and flung my modem back in to get Windows all confused, i then done a COMPLETE format and re-installed XP, to no avail. I am know at my whits end with this problem and have to save docs and games regularly and am scared of installeing anything incase I get a screwy installation. i think this may have something to do with either the IRQ setting of the Graphics card and Soundcard (Both are on IRQ5) but i don't know. Someone Please Help as this is really annoying!

  Taran 01:08 14 Apr 2003

Are all of your cooling fans working correctly and does your PSU supply enough power for all devices installed ?

This sounds more like hardware error than anything else, assuming that your system is clean of virus infection.

If you still have Windows XP installed, open up the Control Panel, double click on Administrative Tools then double click the Event Viewer. Single click on the Application, Security and System categories in the left hand panel and check the error logs in the right hand window.

You need to look for anything with a red circle containing a white plus sign or a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. These are the errors as picked up by Windows and reading them could give some indication about possible causes.

Depending on the file format of your hard disk, you could also do a full disk check. If your hard disk is FAT32, boot from a Windows 98/ME startup floppy disk and run a complete scandisk, checking for damaged sectors. The NTFS equivalent is CHKDSK.

  kane_2002k 01:51 14 Apr 2003

Remove the soundcard. Then put ur PC, (making sure the soundcard has been removed from the device maager in windows/or doing a reinstall to make sure no soundcard drivers are there), if it keeps happening, u can rule it out being a conflict between the sound card and graphics card. Since the soundcard isn't there in any capacity, i.e. drivers or hardware.

Otherwise check the temp of the CPU to see if that might be overheating - can be done through the bios or by using software like sisoftware sandra 2002.

And try and get a more powerful power supply unit from somewhere and see if it keeps happening.

"happened when playing MPG'3 or Hitman 2", both of these more CPU intensive then a plain wordpad, so could be something overheating or insufficient power supply.

Hope this might help.

  Acid Burn7uk 16:13 14 Apr 2003

Thanks, I will check all these and open the case up and clear any dust that may have gathered as the machine was stood still for a few weeks so dust or something might be causeing a overheating problem - either way, i'll post back as the end of the week as I'll be away!

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