My Screen settings changed suddenly!

  hawthorn59 03:57 03 Oct 2008


When I opened my laptop from hibernation tonight the settings had changed; all the desktop icons were much bigger. I checked the resolution and it had been reset to 800 x 600. I set it back to 1024 x 768. Thing is Im not sure if this is what it was before, everything is big enough, but I sort if think some of the fonts are blurry or fuzzy, ie not razor-sharp. Im not sure if it was like that before.

If I change it to 1280x720 its sharper, but its not a font I had before, I think...

So; 2 questions,

How would this have happened (and of course how can I check or cure, if theres a problem)

What settings would be normal for my setup?

Laptop 15.4 WS, Vista Home Premium, 2 gig ram, AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core, 32 bit, anything else relevant?

In Display settings, Generic PnP monitor seems to be selected, rather than default....dont know if thats relevant.



  crosstrainer 05:24 03 Oct 2008

Have you by chance connected the laptop to another monitor or tv recently? This is why the default has changed. Should be LCD wide screen or similar.

  aceofbass 07:22 03 Oct 2008

Try using System Restore to go back to a point before the settings changed. This ususlly works for me.

  birdface 08:56 03 Oct 2008

My computer resolution is set at 800x600 try device manager and see if any yellow exclamation marks at your Display Adapters.[Graphics].

  hawthorn59 14:21 03 Oct 2008

Thanks for replies. No I havent connected it to anything. Buteman I found 800x600 huge! The icons didnt even fit (well I have a lot on my desktop!)

No I didnt connect it to anything. And there are no exclamation marks in device manager, monitor listed is Generic Pnp. Theres nothing amywhere about LCD widescreen, even in settings.

I now have it at 1280x720 and its fine really. It is using a slightly different font but nothing to annoy me. Just wondering how it happened really. Dont think I have any spyware etc



  birdface 14:24 03 Oct 2008

Its usually a graphic card problem.

  birdface 14:52 03 Oct 2008

Looks like a Vista problem.Maybe you had an update from Microsoft if you have set it to automatic.Maybe try rolling back the driver or updating the driver.Or just wait until someone using Vista can give you the help that you need.

  tullie 15:37 03 Oct 2008

Or you could leave it as it is and reduce size of the icons.

  hawthorn59 17:54 03 Oct 2008

Yeah I'll just leave it for now, its ok.

Mind you I did have an issue with the display a while back

click here

It never really resolved, and elsewhere online I was able to find many more instances of that problam, with no real solution. perhaps theyre linked...



  birdface 18:30 03 Oct 2008

I think it is something to do with Vista not recognizing the Nvidia Drivers.Did you try the Nvidia Driver update from your last post.For some reason Vista only wants to update drivers for Generic PnP and not Nvidia.or can you roll back the driver till you get to the Nvidia one.Anyhow going for a pint I hope that you get it sorted.

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