My screen has turned 90 degrees

  skinny123 17:48 05 Sep 2006

I haven't done a search for this as i was panicking a bit.

The screen has actually turned, and i actually have it lying on its side right now so i can ask for help......

any help please

  VoG II 17:56 05 Sep 2006

Graphics card setting. On mine if I right click the ATI icon in the notification area next to the clock I get a pop-up which includes 'Rotations'.

  skinny123 18:02 05 Sep 2006

nope, can't see anything there.....what's the ATI?

  rdave13 18:10 05 Sep 2006

If you have an nvidia card then click the arrow in the taskbar to show hidden icons and right click on a "green square" icon, then pick rotation settings from the list.

  skinny123 18:20 05 Sep 2006

No sorry people, i seem to know what all of the icons mean down there and none relate to what you are asking

My machine is a Dell Dimension 1100, other than that i don't know what info to give you that would help me.

  VoG II 18:28 05 Sep 2006

Run click here - it will tell you which graphics card you have.

  rdave13 18:52 05 Sep 2006

Have a look here click here

  skinny123 18:58 05 Sep 2006

Downloaded Belarc Advisor but can not see anything for graphics, what will i find it under?

  skinny123 18:59 05 Sep 2006

For some reason i can't click on any of the links posted.....the plot thickens

  ade.h 18:59 05 Sep 2006

"...I actually have it lying on its side right now..."

Well, I was tempted to suggest that!

In the absence of a graphics utility icon in the Notification Area, enter your desktop properties via a right-click on any emtpy space and go to Advanced. Enter the grpahics card settings there.

  VoG II 19:00 05 Sep 2006

For the non-working links


copy the above, paste it into the address bar, delete the space after // and click Go.

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