My Screen is blank (Black) cant boot safe mode

  ez_myfriend 14:18 18 Nov 2007

Hi there,

I have a major problem, I have a Dell DHM Tag: FYXBQ0J and am running XP professional on it, last night I shut the computer down and switched it off by the mains and this morning i've tried to boot up my PC and I get nothing!!!

The screen comes on and Dell is shown on the screen as normal with options F2 or F12 then it goes blank (BLACK). Its supposed to go to the Windows XP screen but it does nothing.

I tried putting my XP disc but the computer wont boot from the CD drive and doesnt respond to anything, not even control, alt delete works and I can not access any option to get into safe mode at all.

I have no idea what it is can anyone help please!!!???!!!

Thanks in advance


  Technotiger 14:24 18 Nov 2007

This can sometimes happen if you have any external peripherals (printer, scanner for instance) switched on before you boot the pc. Make sure nothing else is switched on and try again.

  howard64 14:25 18 Nov 2007

can you get into the bios? often you have to hit the delete key as the pc starts or f1 or f10. If you can get in to the bios you can set the startup boot option to boot from cd - then save and exit

  howard64 14:26 18 Nov 2007

another thought brought on by what Technotiger said - unplug all your usb devices - these can sometimes stop windows loading

  ez_myfriend 14:51 18 Nov 2007

Technotiger, hi...i've tried unplugging the USB devices but this does not help, the USB devices are only the keyboard, mousee and broadband anyhow? I dont know if that makes a difference??

howard 64, I have to hold down these keys that you've suggested?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 18 Nov 2007

options F2 or F12

tap the key F? when the PC says press F? to enter setup.
Setup shoud be the BIOS

In the BIOS look though the options for Boot devices set the CD as the first boot device abd the hard drive as the second. Save and exit (F10).

When the screen is blank is the ant sign of activity fans running leds flashing for Hrad drive or CD?

  ez_myfriend 15:08 18 Nov 2007

Hi Fruit Bat

The Hard drive light comes on and so does the floppy disk light (both are green) then they both flash and go out whilst the monitor light remains green and the screen remains blank...

So I should try to amend setup from pressing F2 or F12 then put my windows XP professional installation disc back in and take things from there shall i and try to amend the XP installed or shall I replace it?

  recap 15:15 18 Nov 2007

Does the system get past the post beeps?

If not unplug all cables except the mains, and boot to see if it completes the boot sequence. Then start plugging in one cable at a time to see which is stopping the system to boot.

  howard64 15:16 18 Nov 2007

if you can get into the bios by hitting the key as the pc starts up - set to boot from cd and with the xp disk in the drive take the option to repair xp but not the option with the recovery console

  ez_myfriend 15:30 18 Nov 2007


Am in the system setup menu right now but a bit lost on which option to alter, i've hit "enter" on the boot sequence menu option and inside it says:

1. IDE CD-ROM device
2. Diskette Drive
3. Hard-Dsk Drive C:

am I in the right menu??? should I be altering a different option? Sorry it doesnt seem that straight forward to me right now... :-/

  ez_myfriend 15:47 18 Nov 2007

Well I inserted the XP installation disk into the CD ROM drive and then I was prompted "hit any key to boot from cd" and I hit "Enter" and now nothing...

The screen still remains blank.... it will not boot from the disk...

I switched my machine off and on removed the disk and still nothing...

What next??? a miracle am guessing....*sighs*

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